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Possible spoilers!!!

A Local Habitation is the second book in the October Daye Series by Seanan Mcguire and this year the seventh book Chimes at Midnight was released. Once you’re done reading this book, I’m sure you’ll have a few favorite characters, but don’t worry, for some of them make an appearance in the 6th book Ashes of Honor.

 A Local Habitation

A_Local_Habitation_smA: ALH – ALH Computing is the place where the shallowing Knowe of Tamed Lighting is located. They do summerlands-compatible computer and writing systems. They also do phones and mp3 players.

April O’Leary – She is the adopted daughter of January O’Leary and is a cyber-dryad, when her forest was destroyed she took a branch of her oak tree and ran, later being saved by January. April helped with the mysterious deaths in ALH, but she didn’t know what she was doing. Now she is the current countess of Tamed Lighting.

B: Bannick – Bannick (ban-nick) is a type of fae which are bath-spirits. They’re obsessed with cleanness. Their teeth are sharp and mossy but are misleading. They are actually very friendly people and live in bathhouses or on coasts. The seneschal of Tamed Lighting is Elliot and he is a Bannick, he cleans Toby and Quentin when they arrived even to the point of mending their clothes.

Barbara – Barbara Lynch is a Cait Sidhe. She was a Cait Sidhe Queen, but became without subjects or land to rule. She worked at ALH and was the first person to die, for being a Dream Glass spy, making this the cause of her death. She was best friends with Gordon. Even she had no subjects the cats still demanded revenge.

C: Cyber Dryad – A Cyber Dryad is a new type of Fae making April O’Leary the only one as of yet. She was created when January O”Leary, “cracked a server box and work bits of the branch that she was carrying into the circuitry before the sap dried. When she started to vanish, I closed the box and restored the power-and when it came back on-line, so did she. Instant cyber-dryad.”

Colin – Colin is a Selkie that worked at ALH, he was the third person to die and his skin was accidentally burnt in Toby’s car accident. Colin also appears in a the short-story In Sea-Salt Tears.

Colbynau – Colbynau (cob-lee-now) is a type of fea. They are the metal workers and the enchantments in them are one of the most powerful. They are found deep down in caves and their changelings are capable of working with iron.

D: Dryad  – Dryad is a type spirit tree fae, which live in groves. Most dryads are sweet and reclusive bimbos who avoid people whenever possible preferring the company of woodland fauna and other dryads.

Drunk – In a state of drunkenness, Toby tells Tybalt that he;s wearing tight pants, meaning to say that his pants are really nice. Poor embarrassed Toby.

E: Enter – An annoyed Toby, blows the intercom a kiss, while projecting the firm believe that she had entered the correct code.

F: Fremont – Fremont is the location of Tamed Lighting, the independent country between the Duchies of Shadow Hills and Dreamer Glass.

Feathers – The Ritual to summon the night-haunts requires raven feathers, and it was a good thing that the receptionist of ALH  was a Raven-Dancer having a bunch of them in a closet.

G: Gean-Cannanh – Gean-Cannanh (gee-ann can-na) or better known as a Lover Talker is a type of fae that is considered a shapeshifter who can change its face and gender with just the thought. Only the changelings are bound by the movements of the sun. The Gean-Cannanh will become the perfect lover and it will be your last, they pull the life out of you, leaving you drained of everything but the need to keep loving them, to keep feeding them every ounce of strength you have until it’s over.

Gordon –  Gordon is a three-quarter changeling Colbynau and works at ALH Computing being the hardware wise of the company. By being a three-quarters changeling, she wasn’t good enough  for the caves or the workshop. She was Barbara’s best friend.

H: Hall“Now, we can stand here until you stop breathing and i drag you out, or you can go out to the hall. You’ll like the hall. It comes with oxygen.” Conner tells Alex after not doing as Toby asked him.

I: I’mMelly cut me off, saying, “His Grace has already ridden out, along with most of the knowe, I’m afraid. Even Her Grace went along. It is… is it true that dear January’s left us?”

J: January – January O’Leary or ap Learianth is the Countess of Tamed Lighting. She is Sylvester Torquill’s niece. Her mother, September Torquill, married a Tylwyth Teg Count making January  a half Daoine Sidhe and half Tylwyth Teg, but still a Pureblood. She adopted  April after saving her. Unfortunately she was the fifth kill in ALH, but her death was different..

K: Kerry – Kerry is a three-quarters Hod and Tobu’Tobu’s childhood frienf with Stacy and Julie.

L: Local“And as imagination bodies forth The forms of things unknown, the poet’s pen turns  them to shapes, and gives to airy nothing A local habitation and a name.”

M: Machines – January’s initial idea was to create a virtual world for fairies. Put them inside the machines where nothing could hurt or change it.

N: Night-haunts – Night-haunts are a type of fae that are in charge of the dead in faerie, since the fae flesh doesn’t decay, they eat it. They’re  the size of Barbie dolls and have the appearance of the deceased fae, they eat the memories of the blood of the death; leaving a duplicate of their boobies that looks human. If a  night-haunt doesn’t feed they started to fade.

O: Oberon’s Teeths – An expression used to express the frustration of losing Colin’s Selkie skin in the fire: “Oberon’s teeth, October, do you understand what a big deal this is? do you even think-”

P: Peter – Peter is a worker in ALh Computing and a Pureblood Cornish Pixie. He died during a blackout.

Q: reQuire – April asks Toby if she requires further assistance after Quinn gets injured.

R: Ritual – Toby uses a ritual that The Luidaeg taught her to summon the Night-haunts. The ritual requires dried flowers, candles, salt, raven feathers, juniper berries and a mandrake root.

S: Silk – Toby finds one of her old silk dresses hidden in the back of the wardrobe at her old house. It was dark gray velvet trimmed with slightly paler silk roses.

Shallowing – The shallowing are another way of making a knowes. They’re little pockets carved from space between the worlds, not entirely existing in either one.

T: Terrie – Terrie Olsen is a Gean-Cannanh changeling, whose diurnal form it Alex Olsen. She works at ALH doing the software programing. Terrie is the six kill in ALH and because she died during the night, when the sun came up her body shifted into Alex. Every night Alex’s body goes back to being Terrie but she is still dead.

U: Unexpected“We fleds to the crevices of the world, and they did not pursue, for they’d been waiting for us. How we came, and when, those were unexpected-but they knew why we existed, and why we must be speared.”

V: Visit – Melly asks Toby if she’ll visit soon when on the phone to give silvester an update Silvester.

W: Wildflowers – Luna is planning to start a new garden of Wildflowers. It will be a mourning garden for those who died while searching for Evening’s killer.

World on fire – Yui and Elliot were planning on getting married in fall, when the leaves turn, when the world is on fire.

X: eXcellent – ALH Computing has an excellent reporting system in place. The workers were sure to know if there was any trouble. Guess not.

Y: Yui – Yui Hyouden is a Pureblood Kitsune of four tails. She worked at ALH as the teams alchemist. She was the second to be killed. Yui was Elliot’s girlfriend. Her office was a small occult store. This was where Toby got the mandrake root and juniper berries for the night-haunts ritual.

Yet“We’ve had people who could fake faces and pass quizzes, but nobody’s been able to fake somebody else’s magic.” The word “yet ” hung between us, unspoken.

Z: godZilla“You’ll be lucky if you missed the major muscles. What were you summoning again? Godzilla?”

Have you ever made your own Local Habitat where you’re happy and save?