4 star rating
A Little Night Murder
Black Sisters Mystery Series, Book #10
By Nancy Martin
ISBN# 978-0451415271
Author’s Website: http://www.nancymartinmysteries.com/

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“I once had a boyfriend that…”

A Little Night MurderIn  A Little Night Murder we see Nora struggling with life,  her pregnancy  is going wonderful but everybody tells her that she looks huge, with her career as journalist of the Social column and a boss that is taking too much liberties with her life and career, also her best friend is out of jail and her on parole boyfriend that are making business together and won’t tell Nora what is that they are doing, now the mother of her boyfriend appears with different motives claiming that her son is too good for Nora, but most of all finding the dead body of Philadelphia’s socialite, Jenny Tuttle, clutching in her hand the photo of a mysterious boy that nobody knows who he is.

Now with an upcoming event, Nora cannot miss, she has to find out, who’s the kid in the photo?, Why is Jenny’s mother blue?, Why is her boss pushing her to accept the editor position? Who killed Jenny Tuttle?, What is it that Lexie and Mike are hiding?, and the most feared answer that she doesn’t want to find out, is the Blackbird curse real?

I like mystery novels, I like the ones that from the beginning you start suspecting who the killer is, you know that the killer can’t be one of the main characters, in this case Nora Blackbird, also  you can’t suspect her boyfriend, and family, but from there on everybody else can be a suspect or has a hidden agenda.

I think, that what makes Nora want to find out how and who killed these people that she knows, is her sense of loyalty and that they’re part of the community she grew up with. But trying to solve a mystery can make enemies for her and even more after the article that she wrote of the ten best and worst charities of Philadelphia. The good thing is that Nora has people who love her, people that will do anything to make her happy, and I say anything even if looks like an innocent accident in the eyes of the world.

This is the tenth book in the Blackbird Sisters Series, if you haven’t read the previous ones like me, don’t worry the book can be read on its own, Nora gives small recaps of previous events and introduces the characters with small summaries.

I like how the author, Nancy Martin, writes, making the reader eager to find out what is happening, and in the same time making jokes and getting sarcastic responses  from the characters.

Another thing that I liked was how she portrayed Nora with the fear of future motherhood but still trying to be the best with the cute little boy that is Noah. Noah, how I loved that kid, playing with his cousin Max, with Mike, his toys and the love he has for Mike and Nora; he took the gold in this book, in my opinion, and when you end the book you will also think the same.

At first I wasn’t sure if I liked Mike’s mom, Bright, but as the book went on, I now hope we see more of her in the next books. How many boyfriends do you think she had prior to this book?

Other characters, like Nora’s friend Lexie; Gus, the owner in the newspaper, where Nora works are quite interesting. In the first chapters of the book you realize that you really don’t know who killed Jenny Tuttle and every character starts to become a suspect. Also, the sub stories that come with the main story are hard to avoid because in the end they are the best part.

I recommend  A Little Night Murder, the mystery, romance, and characters will keep you glued to the book until the very end wanting to know what happens; and most of all to see if Nora arrives to her most important event so far.

What do you think of the Blackbird Sisters series?

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