A Kiss Stolen

By Georgia Le Carre

Brought to you by OBS reviewer Heidi

Brand knew from the moment he saw Liliana that she was meant to be his.  They were both just kids and he couldn’t help, but to steal a kiss from her.  However, he never expected the consequences of that kiss.  She ran and told her father, who immediately fired Brand’s dad that was doing some work for him.  And, an argument at their home that night, lead to the death of Brand’s mother that changed his life forever.  Brand started to blame and hate Liliana for all that he went through over the years as a result of that night.  And, now nine years later he is ready to make her pay.

Liliana wished she had kept her mouth shut about that kiss.  Maybe then, Brand would still be in her life.  She has held a torch for him all this time and no other man has ever compared to him and the fiery passion of that one kiss.  However, when Brand kidnaps her she sees a completely different side of him, one that is nothing like her fantasies.  He hates her and wants to punish her.  How can she reach him and get that boy back or at least get him to let her go back to her family?

This book was nothing like I was expecting it to be.  When I read the synopsis, I was thinking it would be a second chance romance.  Boy was I surprised when it turned out to be a dark romance/captive story instead!  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve read a few of those as well.  For example, I was completely engrossed with Captive in the Dark by C.J. Roberts that was more graphic and brutal than this book!  So … I kept reading.

Overall, I felt this book was okay, but just wasn’t very believable.  I know that if a guy I had fantasized about for nine years kidnapped me and tried degrading me and using me as a sexual object, it would kill any flowery feelings I have for him.  However, that was not the case with Liliana!  It may have even made her want him more.


I also felt the resolution at the end of the story to be unrealistic.  Her dad was a criminal and he’s okay with some douche kidnapping his daughter?  I don’t think so…

Also it would have been nice to see the song videos that were linked at the beginning of most chapters, but the links didn’t work on my Kindle Fire.  I hope for future books the author could just list the name and artist or something…