A Cowboy for Christmas

Rocky Mountain Riders, Book #6

By Sara Richardson

ISBN# 9781538712290

Author’s Website:  http://www.sararichardson.com/

Brought to you by OBS reviewer Heidi

Darla Michaels moved to Topaz Falls to start over after the devastating loss of her husband, Gray.  She started her own business and made friends with the locals.  She tried to hide her loss from the others because their pity was too much to bear.  Instead, she makes herself the life of the party.  However, she’s coming upon the ten-year anniversary of her loss.  Those in her support group insist it’s the hardest anniversary.

Friends Everly and Mateo just lost their business is in a devastating fire.  Darla has the perfect idea to raise money for them to help them out until they can get back on their feet.  Have a benefit rodeo and bachelor auction!  She just has to get the cowboys to participate!  And, she knows just the one to get them onboard, Ty Forrester. 

Ty also has a brother that’s in the NFL and Darla insists he come to bring in more tourists.    The only problem is that Ty told his family he couldn’t come home for Christmas because he was newly engaged and his fiancé was too busy to get away!  So, the only way they can get Rhett to attend is if Ty and Darla pretend to be engaged!  Darla is willing to do anything for the cause and it’s not like the two haven’t been intimate before.  However, she never expected Ty to have real feelings for her.  As much as she’d love to give the cowboy a chance of making their relationship real, she just can’t take the chance of letting someone else in.  She couldn’t handle losing another person she loves and Ty is a bull rider, one of the most dangerous professions of all!

Can Darla get past her fears and take a chance on love, or is she destined to be alone?

This is the first book from this series (or even this author) that I’ve read.  Like most romances, this book can easily be read as a stand-alone, with no loss in storyline.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from this story, I figured it would be a little cheesy being a Christmas themed book.  It wasn’t though.  It started out strong.  I really liked the characters.  Darla has been through a lot and has really grown in her healing process.  And, Ty was such a sweetie!  I loved the interaction between the two.

However, as the book progressed, I did find myself losing interest as they tried to keep their fake relationship intact and Darla’s fears starting getting the best of her.

The storyline did pick back up at the end and the book had a sweet ending.  I just wish there hadn’t been so much blah in the middle.

It was an okay read and it’s worth a try if you love cowboys and Christmas!