The most anticipated Twilight Saga: Eclipse is almost here and with a few days away from the premiere which is next Thursday 24th, OBS is bringing you even more A to Z special features. This time we have put together a list of words from the second book in the series New Moon. Enjoy!

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New Moon

by Stephenie Meyer

A: Aro

(One of the three leaders of the Volturi. He has the ability to see every thought you’ve ever had just a by a touch.)

(Member of the Volturi guard, twin brother of Jane. He has the ability to cut off the senses.)

B: Berty, Mr.
(English teacher at Forks High.)

Blueberry Muffins
(The pack can devour them in a second.)

C: Cliff Diving
(Bella’s new ‘recreational’ sport. After seeing the pack jump she tries it too and almost drowns last seeing a hallucination of Edward.)

(One of the three leaders of the Volturi. He is really evil and has nooo ability.)

D: Demetri

(Member of the Volturi guard and the best vampire tracker.)

(Was Volturi, Marcus’ wife, killed by her brother Aro, ability to make people happy.)

(Nearest mechanic near Forks. Don’t take your cars there. 😉 )

E: Elizabeth Masen

(Edward’s human mother. She died of influenza in Chicago, not before asking Dr. Cullen to save her son. She had Edward’s same color eyes.)

Embry Call
(Jacob’s friend and part of the Wolf Pack.)

Emily Young
(Sam’s fiancée. She cooks for the whole pack and has a scar that marks half of her face and body.)

F: Felix
(Member of the Volturi guard. He might be as strong as Emmett or more.)

First Beach
(Bella and the rest of her friends just like Quileutes like to spend time there. Lots of bonfires.)

G: Gianna
(Human receptionist of the Volturi. She wants to be one of them.)

Gerandy, Dr.
(After Bella is brought home from the forest, he is the one that checks on her.)

H: Hallucinations

(Bella start having them after Edward lives. Looks like Edward isn’t the only one hearing voices 😉 )

Harry Clearwater
(One Charlie’s friends. He dies the same day Bella cliff dives.)

(Member of the Volturi guard. She *baits* their meals 😉 )

I: Italy
(Edward mentions it while watching Romeo & Juliet.)

J: Jane
(Member of the Volturi guard and twin of Alec. She has the ability to create pain just with her sight.)

(Wolf pack member and Jacob’s friend.)

K: Kindergarten
(Renée raised Bella on a kindergarten teacher’s salary.)

L: Leah Clearwater
(Bella meets her while having dinner at Billy’s house. A member of the Quileute Tribe.  She is the first and only female to become a member of the wolf pack.)

M: Marcus
(One of the three leaders of the Volturi. He can see the strings that unite everyone. Doesn’t talk much or move.)

(Bella get a Harley and a Honda.)

N: New Moon
(The night Edward leaves Bella the sky was black, it was a new moon.)

O: October
(The blank month pages start with October.)

P: Phasing
(The pack phases into big wolves of different colors.)

(Part of the Wolf Pack. Has quite  a temper and almost hurts Bella.)

(The Quileutes consider themselves protectors of the humans.)

Q: Quil Ataera
(Jacob’s friend. Poor guy, he still doesn’t know what is happening.)

R: Rabbit
(The car Jacob is fixing.)

S: Sam Uley
(A member of the Quileute Tribe and the first to begin phasing into a wolf after the return of the Cullens to the area.  Becomes the alpha wolf of the pack after Jacob Black declines his birthright.)

Seth Clearwater
(Leah’s younger brother. Bella thinks of him as a younger version of Jacob.)

Snow, Dr.
(Doctor that takes over for Carlisle after he leaves the hospital.)

Sue Clearwater
(Harry’s wife. Bella meets her at Billy’s house.)

(The right term for the Quileutes is shapeshisfter.)

T:Turbo 911
(Yellow Porsche that Alice stills in Italy.)

U: Understand
(Jacob understands that it hurts Bella to talk about the Cullens and the past events.)

(Home of the Volturi. Bella and Alice travel there to save Edward.)

W: Waking up
(Bella wakes up from her zombie mode after almost 5 months.)

X: X-ray
(Bella remembers her clean cut x-ray of the last time she got hurt.)

Y: Yellowstone
(One man at Newton’s mentions that the grizzlies at Yellowstone are nothing compared to what they’ve seen in the woods near Forks.)

Z: Zombie movie
(Bella, Jessica, Mike and Jacob see a zombie movie in Port Angeles.)

What do you like about New Moon?