io9 has a fun article on Lost Theories, it made me laugh out loud.

The Secrets Behind Lost: Our 50 Best Theories

Lost has promised to answer all of our burning questions about the island and its mysteries – maybe tonight, maybe sometime soon. But we can’t wait, so here are our 50 best theories about the true meaning of the show.

We’re pretty sure that at least some of these theories have a grain of truth to them, and maybe the real answer is some combination of all of these:

Some powerful entity wanted to see if it could combine Lord of the Rings and Lord of the Flies on one island.

It’s all a breeding program to create the ultimate superbaby: Aaron.

Jacob and the Man in Black are one guy with a split personality.

The Numbers are Jacob’s high school locker combination.

Kate has been right all along, and she really is the center of the universe

The island is an asteroid which crashed to Earth – killing the dinosaurs.

The island is a huge engine that runs on the power of unresolved daddy issues.

The island is the Egyptian afterlife, and the Others are all attendants who were entombed with Jacob’s sarcophagus.

The polar bears planned it all. Because they’re cyborgs.

Bernard and Rose are Adam and Eve.

In the year 5000 the band Driveshaft will be recognized as the greatest musical visionaries of all time, and the island was set up so the future people could meet their idol, Charlie.

The whole thing is just the elaborate backstory to an episode of the TV show Exposé.

The island can heal people because of nanites, which are also deeply spiritual.

All of the Flight 815 passengers are actually ancient gods, who were cursed to live as humans long ago.

The island is Atlantis, which sunk thousands of years ago but was raised again a few hundred years ago by followers of Tawaret seeking an ancient temple.

The Dharma Initiative discovered the fountain of youth on the island, and used it to make Dharma beer.

Jacob was invisible in his cabin despite being totally visible when he visited the Losties off the island, because you can only see him if you’re not paying attention. Also, he said “Help me” because he was drunk. He’s drunk a lot of the time.

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OMG, I laughed my ass off reading these theories. I love the numbers are Jacob’s locker combo, priceless!!!

The Dharma beer one is pretty good too. LOL

Which theories do you think contain a grain of truth? Which theories made you laugh the most?