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It’s not easy to deal with the fact that this is Lost’s final season, and some of the show’s fans have taken it out on Disneyland. Online petitions suggest that Disney (which owns Lost’s parent company ABC) should either redo Tom Sawyer Island to become a Lost attraction or devote a new space to it entirely. “While I like the idea of Tom Sawyer’s island getting a LOST do-over,”tweeted executive producer Carlton Cuse, “I’d rather see Disney make a big LOST E-ticket ride.”

Hey, why not go even bigger than that? Over the next few pages, you’ll find Movieline’s pictorial suggestions for an entire Lost Land. Grab your map of the park (hand-drawn by Rousseau, of course) and take a look!

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Hysterical. I love the Jack’s Time-Out Room for Toddlers. If they really do bring this type of attraction to fruition, it should hopefully be geared more towards adults. Disney needs it! I can see one attraction called ‘The Hatch’, an interactive area, like Wanna-Do-City. What types of things would you like to see in Lost themed attraction?