There are plenty of new book releases this week to spend those gift cards that you received for Christmas and Hanukkah.  Do you plan to pick up any of them?

Street Game (Game/Ghostwalker) (Paperback)

By: Christine Feehan

Release Date: 12/29/2009

(From Amazon.com):  Years ago, GhostWalkers Mack McKinley and Jaimie Fielding were lovers. Now they’ve been reunited on the violent streets by a ruthless common enemy who could destroy them both.

Plum Spooky

By: Janet Evanovich

Release Date: 12/29/2009

(From Borders.com)  An instant #1 bestseller, “Plum Spooky” finds Stephanie Plum teaming up with another bounty hunter on the trail a criminal mastermind in a boy’s body. Their search takes them through New Jersey’s Pine Barrens, where they come face to face with the legendary Jersey Devil. Incredible amounts of fun.–“Booklist.” Martin’s Press.

Pendragon (Paperback)

By: D.J. MacHale

Release Date: 12/29/2009

(From Borders.com)  It’s here at last: the final showdown for all that ever was or will be, but with one important element missing–Bobby Pendragon. While he remains trapped on Ibara, the battle for Earth begins with only Mark and Courtney left to fight for their home territory.


By: Robert Liparulo

Release Date: 12/29/2009

(From Borders.com)  Which door do you go through to save the world?David, Xander, and Toria King never know where the mysterious portals in their house will take them: past, present, or future. They have battled gladiators and the German army, dodged soldiers on both sides of the Civil War, and jumped from the sinking Titanic. They’ve also seen the stark future that awaits if they can’t do something to change it–a destroyed city filled with mutant creatures.And they’ve still got to find a way to bring Mom back and keep Taksidian from getting them out of the house. The dangers are hitting them like a whirlwind . . . but the answers are becoming apparent as well.

My Zombie Valentine (Mass Market Paperback)

By: Katie MacAlister, Marianne Mancusi, Angie Fox, and Lisa Cach

Release Date: 12/29/2009

(From Borders.com)  Tired of vampires and werewolves? This quartet of comedic zombie romances by bestselling authors is sure drive readers mindless with hilarity.

My Soul to Save

By: Rachel Vincent

Release Date: 12/29/2009

(From Borders.com)  The second book in the Soul Screamers series. When a teen pop star dies on stage and Kaylie doesn’t scream, she knows something is wrong. Soon teens are trading their souls for eternity in the Netherworld. Kaylee can’t let that happen, even if trying to save their souls puts her own at risk.

Plague of the Dead

By: J.L. Bourne

Release Date: 12/29/2009

(From Borders.com)  THE END BEGINS WITH AN UNPRECEDENTED VIRAL OUTBREAK:Morningstar. The infected are subject to delirium, fever, violent behavior…and a one hundred percent mortality rate. BUT THE END IS ONLY THE BEGINNING:The victims return from death to walk the earth. When a massive military operation fails to contain the plague of the living dead, it escalates into a worldwide pandemic. NOW, A SINGLE LAW OF NATURE DOMINATES THE GLOBAL LANDSCAPE:Live or die, kill or be killed. On one side of the world, thousands of miles from home, a battle-hardened general surveys the remnants of his command: a young medic, a veteran photographer, a brash private, and dozens of refugees — all are his responsibility. While in the United States, an army colonel discovers the darker side of Morningstar and collaborates with a well-known journalist to leak the information to the public….

The Jungle Vampire

By: David Sinden

Release Date: 12/29/2009

(From Borders.com)  Ulf the werewolf is training to become an official agent for the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Beasts (RSPCB). His mission takes him to the jungle in search of a legendary jungle vampire. But the evil Baron Marackai is hot on his trail, in this fourth installment. Illustrations.


By: Julie Kenner

Release Date: 12/29/2009

(From Borders.com)  After her cover as a double agent inside the forces of evil is blown, Lily has no choice but to go underground. She takes along a cadre of warriors, and their only hope is to stop the forces who are attempting to use the Ninth Gate as a wedge that will unleash the fury of hell.