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by Dawn, August 28, 2009

Maria Fraire over at examiner had this to say about twilight:

Having read the entire Twilight saga by now, I wanted to address some concerns about sexual  innuendos, and is it really a young adult book?  After reading the series, I can put all of your minds to rest; the books are well written and the author Stephanie Meyer being a mom herself, keeps the sex toned down. Mostly kissing is what takes place, but Edward being a vampire and all, is afraid of hurting Bella by getting carried away and sucking her brains out! Most of the kissing scenes are innocent. I found it refreshing to know that some parents are actually monitoring the material their kids are reading.

Sure, there’s parts where as an adult, can pick up on certain sexual innuendos the author is touching on, most of it would just fly right over our kids heads.
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I get so flustered when people say that Twilight is horrible for kids to read. They wouldn’t be labeled young adult books if they weren’t suitable for teens. I wouldn’t let my 12 year old cousin read them if I thought it was bad for her!
Do you think Twilight is ok for teens?

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