The Husdon Diaries: The Life and Times of a Baker Street Resident 
By Kara L Barney
ISBN#  9781611873696

Brought to you by OBS reviewer Angie


Victorian England, 1880—Sherlock Holmes is at it again! But this time, instead of his faithful chronicler Watson at the helm, his tales come from another source…Mrs. Hudson, the housekeeper. A new set of tales for a new generation, Sherlock Holmes is given to us in a whole new light: “The Great Detective” before he became great. From their first meeting to her place as a permanent resident of Baker Street, Mrs. Hudson helps us rediscover the ever-logical detective who has become a literary icon. (Amazon)


Enchanted. Enthralled. Engrossed. I don’t know what else to say. I loved every moment of this story.

It is a short read (62 pages on a Kindle) and it kept me turning page after page. I’ve not read any of the Sherlock Holmes books… yes, I still call myself a reader… so this was a nice way to discover that these books might really be right up my alley. There is a central storyline that follows throughout the book, but interspersed are several ‘mini-mysteries’ that keep your mind active. There isn’t too much to swallow all at once so you can focus on a quick story while still watching a beautiful relationship unfold. It gives the audience a look at the more gentle, personal side of Mr. Holmes.

I absolutely loved this story and will go out of my way to read more about Sherlock Holmes.