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by hmhibbit, September 18, 2012

The Cult of Koo Kway
The Oncoming Storm Series, Book 2
By Jay Mims
ISBN # 9780983934141

Brought to you by OBS reviewer Lindsay

I’m afraid I should start this review with a disclaimer:  I have not read the first book in The Oncoming Storm series.  So, just keep that in mind as you read on.  Dan Landis is a private investigator.  During the course of a ‘normal’ workday, he stumbles across a young woman who is about to be mugged, or worse, by two men in a back alley.  Handcuffed, he takes on the two men to rescue the girl, only to discover she has a connection to a current missing college professor case.  As the pair try to locate the missing person, they discover 2 more professors have also gone missing.  As they begin to dig deeper, the truth unravels and the pair are pulled into a web of drugs and a cult.

As a P.I., Landis has seen his share of adventures.  However, it seems as if he gets in over his head when he rescues Abbey, as she likes to be called, from 2 men in an alley.  It seems as if the two have an instant connection, however, I suppose the danger in their first meeting could have something to do with that.  I really liked how the author gave us a glimpse into Landis’ head.  Throughout the book we hear from the voice inside his head.  This voice provides the brutal honesty regarding his thoughts and feelings that we otherwise wouldn’t see from just the dialog alone.  I really felt this additional piece helped to pull together his character.  ‘The voice’ also had me chuckling at times which is always an added bonus.  It’s through this ‘voice’ that we can see how deeply involved Landis becomes in the missing professors case.  As his friendship with Abbey progresses, we can see this case take on a personal aspect for him.  Personal involvement is not usually something that this P.I. allows in his work.  I feel this adds a lot of depth to the book that would otherwise be an empty mystery.  I really like Landis’ character.  I think he is a fresh new face that keeps you entertained throughout the entire book.

Overall, I did like this book.  I decided to give the book 4 stars because I felt the story was good and I liked Dan Landis’ character.  However, I just didn’t get that wow factor that I look for to earn a 5 star review.  But, that doesn’t mean you should pass over this book either.  It’s a good fast-paced book that will keep you turning the page.  If you are a mystery fan, you will enjoy reading this book.  I will be looking to read more about Dan Landis in the future, including the first book in The Oncoming Storm series.

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