What will Captain America wear??

Make sure to go vote on your favorite uniform. Which did you choose? What happened to originality?

I agree 100% with the writer of the article. I found Inception to be the most original movie I’ve seen in a very long time. Hollywood is stuck on redoing movies instead of focusing on coming up with original material. What do you think? Origin of I Am Number Four, the director’s story.

Interesting!!! It was quickly adapted, considering it hadn’t been published yet. DJ Caruso must have believe in it to push it quickly. Do you plan on seeing it? Why should Alyson Stoner play Katniss?

Who will play Katniss is a passionate topic. The readers have strong opinions. Do you think she should play Katniss? Why or why not? Dylan Dog release details.

I’m glad to see Brandon Routh back. And he went for another comic book character. Amanda Seyfried on Red Riding Hood

It’s interesting that she mentions the movie NOT being like Twilight. When I first saw the trailer, I felt it had a Twilight feel. Seyfried claims Red Riding Hood is nothing like Twilight. It’s impossible to not see the similarities because they’re both directed by Hardwicke. What do you think?