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by Andra W, December 15, 2017

Title: Brightley & Glow

By:   Sophie Carmen

ISBN:     1519136382 (ISBN13: 9781519136381)

Brought to you by OBS reviewer Andra                   


Brightley and Glow are two star brothers who are best friends. One night, Brightley learns that he will need to leave his little brother Glow in order to fulfill his destiny of become a shooting star. Will the brothers have to say goodbye?


Two brother stars, Brightley and Glow must learn to shine in their own way as one is a shooting star and the other is a shining star.  This lovely book tells their story as they find their way in the nighttime sky and how they navigate their divergent paths. The star brothers and their story was filled with colour along with a positive, fun and hopeful story.

The graphics were simplistic; yet striking. I read the book from my tablet to a younger child and I noted how intently he watched the screen. It kept his interest throughout and he was VERY happy with the ending.

So, from a young, new reader’s point of view – this book was “fun…. can we read it again?”

Obviously a true testament as to having a book hit its target audience.  A fun read, which I predict I will be reading more in the near future.

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