THE VAMPIRE LOOK? ONLY SUCKERS WILL BE SPORTING THE TWILIGHT STYLE THIS SEASON It’s not often that fashion and fantasy intersect successfully. Elfin chic might have been all the rage in Middle Earth, but hands up who actually wore giant ears and black hair extensions out on the town? Exactly.

What works on the silver screen isn’t necessarily easy to incorporate into your autumn wardrobe, which is why fashion’s latest and least likely muse baffles me.

Vampires – yes pasty-faced bloodsuckers – are the new, erm, black.

Check out these Vamp-y items:

Tans lost their currency this summer, while fancy dress sales have gone up by 35 per cent. And the vampire obsession shows no signs of abating.

Post Twilight (the hit story of a teenage girl who falls in love with a vampire), we have fallen hard and fast for the grown-up vampires of True Blood.

Equally, we expect big things and big looks from a whole family of them in The Vampire Diaries, on next year.

Obviously, fashion is channelling a pared down version. The levels of gothness varies with the wearer – think chinos and leather in True Blood; alabaster skin and Topshop in Twilight.

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I just love this, its too fun! I love fashion and Vampires, so I love that the two have mixed together to influence the way we are dressing!

Have you noticed the Vampire influence in current fashion?

Do you wear Twilight or Vamp inspired clothes?