Dave Walker who writes about TV for the The New Orleans Times – Picayune went up to Clinton, La. and interviewed Stephen Moyer who plays True Blood’s male lead, (Lucky!)  Bill Compton and they talked about the show’s success.

“ The other thing that I absolutely did not expect is the demographic (diversity of the audience),” Moyer said. “I think I thought it would be a youngish show. I didn’t think it was going to be a teen show, but I thought it would be 21 or 22 to 35. I thought that would be our obvious demographic. “I go out in the street and I get spotted by septuagenarian men, and they come up and tell me stories about the whole family coming to their house on a Sunday. Literally, three generations of men and their wives and their children and their extended family, and I think that’s what the show has done.”

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WOW! To know that True Blood has such a wide range of age groups watching is just amazing! And that the premiere had the largest viewing average on cable that week.

Are you a fan of Stephen Moyer?  What about his character on True Blood? Are you surprised by how well its doing on cable?