5 star rating
One day in Lubbock
By Daniel Lance Wright
ISBN# 9781620151952
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one-day-in-lubbock-daniel-lance-wrightThis was an excellent book for which I cried, such sadness and heartbreak but all is mended in the end with an ending that is totally unexpected. I read this is one setting because I couldn’t wait to find out how it ended. Everyone wants a second chance or a do-over. Very few get a second chance but when they do it never quite turns out the way they expect it.

William Dillinger is an elderly man that is working in a hospital as floor maintenance. Many mistakes made in his younger years has him wearing a bracelet, the kind you wear when you have served time in prison and now a parolee. Will learned early in life that he had a certain charm and a way to twist words to his advantage. Sadly, he uses it to scam people out of their life savings until one day he scammed a woman and caused her demise, hence the bracelet.

Now with only memories of better days of his youth, Will runs into the love of his life. Friends since the first time they saw each other in grade school he remembers back to when he made the mistake that changed his life.  Graduation night Will turned away the only person who ever loved him and now here she is visiting someone in the hospital.

Bea is a nurse on staff and befriends Will and tries to help him anyway she can. They form a friendship and Will opens up to her because he has no one else and Bea actually listens to him like she’s really interested in what he has to say.

Will suddenly feels faint and dizzy, then drops to the floor. He’s thinking it’s a reaction to hearing the voice of his longtime friend. Bea takes one look at him and she thinks differently. She makes him go to the ER and see the doctor because of that Bea has saved his life.

As Will lays in the hospital bed, his life finally comes full circle as he hears and remembers stories about his past and his love. Sometimes what is in front of you is what you need and sometimes it’s overlooked until it’s too late. This time it was right on time.

My heart just broke for Will, who caused himself so much heartache, so much pain because he was so focused on nothing but himself. Sigh****

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