Written by OBS Staff Member Rose

In this episode, one that we have all been waiting for, the back-story of Jacob and the MIB is revealed.

Lost never gives you the answers to everything outright. There are always more questions asked, every time we get some answered. But we’ll get into those in a minute.

In this Jacob/MIB centric episode we learn that Jacob and MIB are actually twins. Their mother Claudia is killed after giving birth, by the woman that helps Claudia after her ship crashed on the island.

There are others like Claudia who build their own Dharma looking enclave, but we find this out later, as do Jacob and MIB.

Claudia never had a name for MIB for she was only expected one child.  Hence MIB is never named.

Fast forward to when the brothers are pre-tweens. Jacob and his brother are playing a game that MIB has found with white stones and black stones.  (We learn later that their now fake mother planted the game on the beach so MIB could find it.) MIB makes up the rules of the game and they play. Rules as we know play a big part on the island.

One day Jacob and his brother are on a wild boar hunt and they come across other men coming through the brush to kill the boar. The revelation that there are other people on the island puts the boys into a frenzy. How could this be? Their mother told them they were the only ones. When confronted they learn they have been lied to.

In order to rein the boys in from ever trying to contact those other people, she brings them to a spot on the island that has a cave of ‘light’.  She is the protector of this light and one day, one of them will be too. Mother has rules of her own and she has made it that they cannot harm one another and they cannot leave the island. How? We don’t know.

To spoil more of mother’s lies, MIB sees his real mother’s ghost (Jacob cannot see dead people) and MIB learns the truth about her.

Livid about this revelation MIB wants to leave his fake mother and take Jacob with him. Jacob like the good little boy he is does not want to.  MIB leaves his fake mother and Jacob and joins the other camp.

Segway: I find this parallel of sorts, to Ben being shot when he was a child, and is brought over to the others and then lives with them instead of the Dharma crew.

Adulthood, 30 years later: Jacob visits his brother (to play their game) and MIB tells Jacob he has found a way off the island. After years of not being able to find the cave of light, he and the very smart people he cohabitates with have been digging in various locations on the island and have found that there is an electromagnetic ability in certain locations on island. They have dug wells to find the light underground and are in the process of trying to harness this ability to leave the island. MIB brings Jacob down into this well and the wheel they are building to harness the light.  (As we all know this is the wheel both Ben and Locke turned when they wanted to move the island).

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