Christopher Buecheler
The Blood that Bonds
II AM Trilogy


Review brought to you by OBS Staff member Heidi
This is the first book in the II AM Trilogy by Christopher Buecheler and is available as a free nookbook on Barnes and Noble’s website. .

This story is about a young girl, Two, that has had a rough life.  Her mother passed away, and after years of fighting with her father she leaves to make it on her own.  She is attacked and is thrown into the clutches of Darren, who gets her addicted to drugs and forces her to sell her body to pay for her addiction.

Then one night she is picked up by the handsome and charming, Theroen.  He takes her for a night on the town and shows her what life could have been like if only she had taken a different path.  She wishes so badly that she could stay with him forever.

She awakes the next morning to find herself locked in a prison cell, and looks in the mirror and realizes that she doesn’t look human any more, but more like a vampire.

Theroen comes to release her from her prison, saying he only put her there to keep her safe and that now she can live with him forever, once he finishes making her into a vampire.  She enjoys her time with him and asks her to finish her transformation, which he does gladly.

There is one problem though, Theroen’s vampire father,  Abraham, who is evil and doesn’t like Two.  He knows that now that Theroen has her that he will be leaving him soon.  So Abraham decides to give Theroen a little parting gift and gives another of his children, Missy, the job of killing Two.  But the plan backfires and Two ends up killing Missy instead.  Now Abraham wants payback!  Theroen stays to fight Abraham so that the others can escape, knowing that it’s a fight he will never win.

I really wasn’t sure what to think about this book.  After reading for a little bit, I liked the concept, but that was about it.  I thought that the story was long-winded at times, especially when they got into the different characters’ pasts and just became boring.  I finished the story hoping it would get better and expecting Theroen to somehow come back to Two, but it never happened.

The story ended with a segue into the next book, Two wanting to find other vampires because she had reverted back to being human after Theroen’s death and she wants to return to vampirism.  No warm and fuzzies here…I lost my love so I must go find another.  Nothing about it made me want to continue this trilogy, whether it also is a free read or not.