“Extreme” is the word often used to describe director Park Chan Wook’s movies, such as “Lady Vengeance” or “Oldboy.”

South Korea’s controversial filmmaker is at it again with “Thirst,” which opens Friday. It’s about a priest who becomes a vampire and has a love affair with a woman who in turn becomes one of the undead.

“I think of everything in my films as a kind of metaphor. That’s not to say I see Korean society filled with violence or incest. I’m trying to throw moral questions at the audience.”

In “Thirst,” Park, who was schooled by Jesuits, questions God’s will.

“I didn’t set out to make a vampire movie,” he said. “It’s  the story of a priest who, in order to fight against this virus which is threatening mankind, volunteers for an experiment and becomes a vampire. When I did this I thought : What is the will of God?”

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Ugh, I’m horrible at keeping track of movies I’ve seen. I want to say I have seen on of Wook’s movies but i cant say for sure. But Thirst sounds oddly interesting.

Would you go see this movie? Are you? Have you seen Park Chan Wook’s other work?