Beacon Road Bedlam

By Ian Lewis


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When Sheriff Eustace Hildersham comes into possession of his father’s once-lost revolver, he suspects there is more to the story than he remembers. He sets out on a personal investigation only to find himself caught between another family’s grudge and a dogged reporter with malicious intent. Hildersham continues to search for the truth, not knowing it will lead to another appearance of the Driver and his phantom Camaro.

Book three in the experimental Driver series.


The Driver is back! The Camaro roams through this world once more.

Beacon Road Bedlam takes place years after the events in The Camaro Murders, here the reader is re-introduced to Sheriff Hildersham and introduced to new character Tad Ozzel, our resident troublemaker reporter. This time around, Sheriff Hildersham is intrigued to find an explanation to certain events that took place during a prison break when his father was a warden, while Ozzel persists in finding anything he can use against the Sheriff.

Beacon Road Bedlam is the third book in the experimental Driver series, as author Ian Lewis calls it, just like it also is the longest book out of the three due to the amount of details and background story of several of the characters that without the Sheriff noticing it, are linked to one another.

I really enjoyed this book. I thought Lady in Flames was my favorite, but now I have to reconsider. What I liked about this books was the concept of the memories and how the Driver was able to see them, not only that they have a lot of information which later helps solve the puzzle. There’s a few characters that were really interesting, such as the Conductor and the man in a suit, they are the characters that have more information than what they are letting know, so maybe we’ll see them in future books.

“How am I supposed to know that what you just said isn’t a lie?”

The man rapped away on the keyboard. “Because nothing I say is a lie to begin with. I mean, I believe everything I say is true the moment I say it. It’s only later, in a separate state of mind or from a different point of view, do I see a lie for what it is.”

Lewis knows how to grasp readers’ attention, whether it is with a mysterious driver and his Camaro, or a pilot inside an artificial machine, his stories always go beyond the imagination,

Beacon Road Bedlam is one of those stories. If you’re a fan of mystery and mysterious characters, I recommend Beacon Road Bedlam, and don’t just stop there, give The Camaro Murders and Lady in Flames a try, too.

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