Gore, guts eating zombies are taking over the news today! We have crazy killing videos, zombies in Ohio and others roaming the streets now that halloween is almost here. Zombies giving something to talk about over at the box office. Zombies are still scaring us to death 😉

“Our 9 favorite crazy zombie kills of all time (video)”

scifiwire.com: Since Zombieland opens today, we’re devoting the second of our 31 specials for the 31 days of Halloween to our nine favorite death scenes from zombie movies. Some of the folks who die are zombies, and some are humans, but they all go in some of the goriest, most amazing ways possible!

Dawn of the Dead (1979)

George Romero’s 1979 classic certainly set the stage for filmmakers to come up with new and creative ways for people to be chopped into pieces, thanks in no small part to sequences like the one above. As the progenitor for most contemporary gore films, at least in America, there are a ton of memorable deaths in this movie, but this dumb deadite’s dispatching via helicopter blade is the best of all of them.

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I love old classic zombie movies! And these videos were really good. Which was your favorite zombie kill? Are a fan of zombie movies?

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“Zombies Chew Up Box Office; $9.4M on Friday”

www.thewrap.com: After a string of R-rated horror flops in recent weeks, Sony’s comically tinged “Zombieland” got off to a solid start Friday at the domestic box office, devouring $9.4 million at 3,036 locations, according to studio sources.

Starring Woody Harrelson as a hunter of the flesh-eating undead, the movie is on pace to finish the three-day weekend period above the $23 million mark. That’s on the low end of pre-release tracking estimates, some of which had the film premiering to as much as $30 million.

However, Sony, which co-financed the film’s modest $23.6 million production budget along with Relativity Media, will certainly be content with “Zombieland’s” opening performance, especially considering the horrific box-office fates dealt to R-rated genre titles “Sorority Row,” “Whitehout,” “Jennifer’s Body” and “Pandorum” in recent weeks.

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I really want to see Zombieland, it looks like a good fun movie. We get to see a different view of zombies. Will you be seeing Zombieland? If so come and join OBS review the movie!
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“Horror movie produced in Ohio, ”The Dead Matter,’ to premiere in Cleveland

www.cleveland.com: When we last heard from filmmaker Edward Douglas, he was keeping a horde of vampires and zombies under control during a night shoot of “The Dead Matter” at the old Ohio State Reformatory in Mansfield.

 “We had to light up that place like the Fourth of July,” Douglas recalled.

A storm rained out a night of filming, but since he was working on a tight budget of under $2 million and a strict four-week schedule for his independent horror movie, Douglas couldn’t make it up by even an hour.

Now “The Dead Matter” is set to debut tonight at Tower City Cinemas. Actors Andrew Divoff (“Lost”), Jason Carter (“Babylon 5”) and Sean Serino (“The Rage”) are expected to attend the private screening and after-party.

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Well you heard it, the premiere is today so if your in for a zombie movie Tower City Cinemas awaits for you!

“Zombies will roam GR again”

www.woodtv.com: Zombies will once again roam the streets of downtown Grand Rapids the night before Halloween.

GRCC student/social networker Rob Bliss staged the first event in 2008, and this time he’s hoping to recapture the record for World’s Largest Zombie Walk from Seattle.

(There may, however, be real zombies in Seattle.)

Bliss sent out thousands of Zombie invitations on Facebook Friday night. This year’s walk will end with an electronic music concert.


Wow! That will be  a great halloween week. Would you like to go an event like this one?