Sucking the Quileute Dry

ALL the world, it seems, has been bitten by “Twilight.” Conservative estimates place revenue generated from Stephenie Meyer’s vampire chronicles — the books, movies and merchandise — in the billion-dollar range. Scarcely mentioned, however, is the effect that “Twilight” has had on the tiny Quileute Nation, situated on a postage stamp of a reservation, just one square mile, in remote La Push, Wash.

To millions of “Twilight” fans, the Quileute are Indians whose (fictional) ancient treaty transforms young males of the tribe into vampire-fighting wolves. To the nearly 700 remaining Quileute Indians, “Twilight” is the reason they are suddenly drawing extraordinary attention from the outside — while they themselves remain largely excluded from the vampire series’ vast commercial empire.

Just last month, issued an apology to the Quileute for intruding on its territory while videotaping a “Twilight” virtual tour in September. sought permission from the Chamber of Commerce in nearby Forks, Wash., but didn’t pay the same courtesy to the Quileute. The video team trespassed onto a reservation cemetery and taped Quileute graves, including those of esteemed tribal leaders. These images were then set to macabre music and, in November, posted on The tribe quickly persuaded to remove the Quileute images.  MORE HERE

Burger King to return with ‘The Twilight Saga: Eclipse’ endorsement after ‘New Moon’

It was hard to miss the fact that Burger King was heavily endorsed by The Twilight Saga: New Moon. Not only did the company’s products appear in the film itself, but they also sponsored a fandom-wide series of contests for BK crowns and giftcards. Not to mention, the company hosted New Moon goodies at their various franchises throughout the months surrounding and during the film’s release. You can see more of their New Moon goodies at their site here.

Well, it seems that Burger King hasn’t made plans to stop its involvement with the Twilight saga any time soon. They’ll be back for The Twilight Saga: Eclipse indeed.

According to Advertising Age, the company has signed on to promote itself through Eclipse, “for what is now being called the ‘female superfan.'”

If yesterday’s story about the Twilight fan effect upon the Volvo car industry is any indication, they may just be onto something.
Apparently, BK’s Eclipse plans have something to do with “a gaming promotion.”

Going back to New Moon, you might remember that in the books, Bella and Jessica (portrayed by Vanity Fair new Hollywood headliners Kristen Stewart and Anna Kendrick in the films) are headed to McDonald’s when she happens upon the familiar strangers that cause her initial adrenaline rush. So, for Burger King to snap up that exclusivity in promotion is very smart.


Anna Kendrick Talks About Her And Jessica’s Future After ‘Eclipse

It’s no new news that Anna Kendrick had mostly slipped under the radar in Hollywood for nearly half her adult life. Before she stole all her scenes in both “Twilight” and “New Moon” and garnered an Oscar nomination for her role in “Up in the Air,” Anna was the third youngest Tony nominee ever and made a name for her quirky humor in “Rocket Science.”

But it’s what’s going on after her success that is what is interesting. Jason Reitman wrote the role of Natalie specifically for Anna in “Up in the Air” and, though she still auditioned for the role, it really was hers to start with. She admitted in a new interview with Reuters that she’s been too caught up in “Up in the Air” and awards season to focus on work, but she is still deservedly receiving some A-list job opportunities.

Last summer, Anna was offered a role in an untitled Seth Rogen and James McAvoy comedy for Mandate Pictures, which starts shooting later this month. Mandate gave her the part without even an audition. MORE HERE

I really feel bad for the Quileute tribe in Washington. Unnecessary attention is being thrust upon these innocent people without significant cause. These people have been exploited and aren’t even asked permission or getting any money for the trouble they have been through since the Twilight Saga became so widespread. At least if people are going to trespass on their property, I think the courteous thing to do is ask first.

I am so proud of Anna Kendrick and where her life has been going since ‘Twilight’. I think it is very difficult to get out there and she came from such a small role and now look at her. I can’t wait to see her more in future films.

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