Entertainment Weekly treated “Twilight” fans to a glimpse of Bella’s wedding dress with images from Stephenie Meyer’s The Twilight Saga: The Official Illustrated Guide.  The long-awaited book hits store shelves this Tuesday, April 12.  It’s not for certain whether the sketch is an artist’s rendering of what will appear in the film, but fans can be assured that this is the dress that Stephenie Meyer envisioned when she wrote the wedding scenes found in Breaking Dawn. 


Another sneak peek from The Twilight Saga: The Official Illustrated Guide offers fans a little history about the nomadic villain vampire James.  We learn that he was the son of a French trapper and an American woman and was changed by a French vampire sometime around 1805.



The location for the wedding scene for “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn” may have security to rival the upcoming wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton.  There are reports of roads being blocked off by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, tents, and tarps hung to block views of the set for the wedding of Bella Swan and Edward Cullen. 


Happy Belated Birthday to Kristen Stewart who turned 21 yesterday!


Taylor Lautner will debut the trailer for his upcoming film, “Abduction”, on Wednesday, April 13 during his MTV First interview via livestream.  The interview will air at 7:56 PM EDT.  Following the interview, Taylor will sit down for another 30-minute interview with MTV’s Josh Horowitz and will answer fan-submitted questions.  You can submit your questions on or via Twitter using @MTVNews and the hashtag #AskTaylor.

Abduction” is an action thriller about a young man who finds his baby picture on a missing persons website and sets out to learn the truth about his life and who his parents are.  It will be released in theaters on September 23, 2011.


The promotion for the April 22 release of Robert Pattinson’s “Water for Elephants” is in full swing and Rob will be making several TV appearances on the talk show circuit over the next couple of weeks.  Be sure to set your DVRs for the following:

Regis and Kelly – Monday, April 18

The Ellen Show – Wednesday, April 20

Jimmy Kimmel Live – Wednesday, April 20

 What do you think of the sketch of Bella’s wedding dress?  Does it go along with what you envisioned when you read the book?   If not, how does it differ?  I have to say that this is very similar to what I envisioned, although I don’t quite get the Anne of Green Gables vision out of it.  This reminds me a lot of gowns from the 1930s with an updated and the veil reminds me a lot of the one worn by Jacqueline Kennedy

These sneak peeks from the Official Illustrated Guide have me absolute stoked about the book’s release on Tuesday.  I have been waiting for this book for what seems like an eternity and cannot wait to read the backstories on all of the characters – especially Alice.  What are you looking forward to reading in the book?

Is anyone surprised by the amped-up security for the wedding set?  After hackers leaked stills from the film a couple of weeks ago, Summit obviously isn’t taking any risks of fans or paparazzi getting a shot of Bella in her wedding dress or the opulence of the wedding planned by the Cullen women.

Will anyone be tuning in to see Taylor on MTV on Wednesday?  Sadly, I won’t be home to watch it and will have to catch the clips online later. 

I am so excited about Rob’s upcoming appearances because he’s so entertaining when he goes off-script in these interviews.  I have to say that I’m most looking forward to the Ellen and Jimmy Kimmel appearances.  I still remember Rob’s first visit to Ellen with his parents dancing in the audience.  

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