Twilight fans received a Christmas treat from “Breaking Dawn” director Bill Condon in the form of a photo of Charlie Swan’s living room decked out for Chrisstmas.  There are reports from Vancouver that the outside of Charlie Swan’s home has been decorated as well.  One blogger writes:

The Swan house has been decorated with Christmas lights and a green garland decorates the door.



Ashley Greene continues to be just as busy as Alice Cullen these days and has reportedly been cast to co-star in “The Boom Boom Room” with Christopher Walken and Shirley MacLaine.  The script was written by Australian actress and filmmaker Lian Lunson and has Wim Wenders and U2’s Bono as executive producers.  Lunson describes the film as follows:

In the California desert, in a mystical and magical town, live the once great Vaudeville stars, Dixie Meade and Jimmy Riggs. They have long awaited the return of the baby girl they were forced to give up to find her way back to them.

One day, Adeline Winter, a mysterious and beautiful girl, appears. She is not the girl for whom they were waiting, but their lives and hers will be inexorably intertwined and changed forever.

Gold dust, Dancing Girls, and Long-haired Indians will all collide with this family in search of redemption, salvation and each other. A fairytale world provides the landscape and THE BOOM BOOM ROOM with a heartbeat. A story of miracles, love and the belief in all that is good gives hope to all who journey into this magical world of wonderment.

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With the “Breaking Dawn” cast heading to Vancouver to finish filming, it appears that Jackson Rathbone’s bandmates have been missing him.  The band will be performing at Venue on March 4.   Aside from this weekend’s show in Los Angeles, it is the only upcoming show currently listed on the band’s website.


What do you think of Charlie’s house decorated for Christmas?  I wonder if Sue Clearwater might have taken care of that for him?  If they stick true to the book, it wouldn’t have been Bella since Christmas all but snuck up on her with all of the Volturi drama going on around her.  Alice couldn’t have done it since she was out of the country.  Anyway…I can’t wait to see it all on the big screen!

What do you think of Ashley’s latest role?  She is certainly in some great acting company and to have Bono as a producer on the project is amazing as well!

Will any of you be catching the 100 Monkey’s show this weekend or the one in Vancouver?  Have you ever seen them live?  I’d love to and hope to get the chance someday.

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