Photo: Discover Forks, Washington

Three businesses catering to the Twilight fanbase in Forks, Washington, have closed up shop.  Despite the popularity of the books, The Lodge in Forks, The Twilight Lounge and Dungeon Bar are no longer open.  The bar and restaurant owners, Annette and Tim Root, still own and operate two locations of Dazzled – a Twilight gift shop and run Twilight tours in the area.



Save today and tomorrow on Twilight-themed merchandise at  Use the promo code in the image below to save on DVDs, t-shirts, hats, mugs, and more.   The coupon code is good through Wednesday, February 2.



Erik Odom, who plays Jasper’s vampire friend Peter in “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn” retweeted a photo of a t-shirt posted by a fan for Team Peter.  Check it out – I’m sure that the Team Jasper fans will appreciate this one.


Ashley Greene has several movies coming out in addition to filming the next two installments of The Twilight Saga – “Skateland”, “Butter”, and “LOL” to name a few and is also gracing the cover of Teen Vogue for March.  The photo shoot was held in Baton Rouge at an old plantation home.

And being productive, she says, is key to her current definition of happiness. “I’m a bit of a workaholic,” Ashley explains. Despite her earnest admission that success in Hollywood does have its downsides, she loves her job. “When I feel like I’m not doing something, it drives me insane,” she says. Part of the urgency seems to come from Ashley’s sense that she’s at a sort of magic moment in her career, on the cusp of the kind of megafame that her costar Kristen Stewart found with the release of the first Twilight film. “This industry never stops,” she says. “Right now I’m in this amazing place, and there are open doors. I think it would be foolish to take a month off. So many people would kill to be in my shoes that it’s just bad karma!”

Read more of Ashley’s interview here and see more photos here

Bonus:  Ashley’s Photo Shoot Interview



Peter Facinelli and Jennie Garth talk about the TV movie written by Peter and starring Jennie that will appear on the Hallmark Channel on Saturday, February 12.  The movie, “Accidentally In Love”, is about A struggling waitress and single mom who finds herself falls in love with an actor hiding a secret identity.


Several internet outlets are reporting that Kristen Stewart is in the running to play Lois Lane in the latest installment of Superman movies.  Henry Cavill has already been cast to play the superhero and it’s rumored that Natalie Portman and Anne Hathaway are also up for the love-interest-damsel-in-distress. 

That stinks that those businesses had to close their doors, regardless of the them of the establishment.  That area is already rather economically depressed and it saddens me to know that there are more people without jobs.  

Will any of you be using that CafePress coupon code to get some new Twilight stuff?  I love all of the t-shirts that are geared toward those with “inside knowledge”.  My favorite purchase so far has been a shirt for Forks Brewing Company that urges the drinker to “grab a cold one”.   The stuff from Hot Topic and other such merchandise is just too obvious for my liking. 

Congrats to Team Peter!  Is that a minor league team?  LOL!   Be sure to take notice of the bedspread that the t-shirt is on…it’s Bella’s bedding from Target!

Perhaps it’s my old age, but I think that I’m more taken with the landscape and the plantation house in Ashley’s photo shoot than I am the clothing.  That place is gorgeous!  I really need to win the lottery.

Will any of you be tuning in to see Jennie star in the movie written by Peter?  Did you even know that he’d written a movie?

What do you think of the rumor of Kristen Stewart playing Lois Lane?  (Did you know that Henry Cavill was Stephenie Meyer’s original pick for the role of Edward Cullen?)  I honestly can’t see her taking this part.  It seems too blockbuster and mainstream and that’s just not the type of film that Kristen typically targets.  When she signed on for “Twilight”, it was just a small, indie film. 

What do you think of today’s Twilight news?  Join us in the forum and share your thoughts.  We’d love to hear from you!