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by Dawn, September 25, 2011

brought to you by OBS Staffer Heidi

Top 5 Reasons to Love Darkfever

1. Jericho Barrons-A cocky jerk you can’t help but love

2. A heroine (Mac) with fashion sense & attitude

3. Great storyline-The book snags your interest from the beginning with the search for Mac’s sister’s killer

4. Fae-This book is chuck-full of Fae from the Grey Man who sucks out the beauty of women who he comes in contact with, the shades that will devour you if you come into the darkness slowly taking down neighborhoods, all the way to royalty with the Death-by-Sex Fae Prince, V’lane.

5. Magical relics that are so ancient that even those that created them can’t remember them and it’s interesting to see what new things Mac and Barrons will find next.


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