Brought to you by OBS reviewer Heidi

Finally after months of waiting, True Blood fans can enjoy once again new episodes of it’s fifth season! And to celebrate last night’s episode we bring you the top 5 things to look forward in the next upcoming episodes.

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1. Naked Alcide: no explanations needed.
2. Naked Eric: again no explanations needed.
3. The return of Russell Edgington: he’s a lot of fun for a bad guy!!
4.  New vampire and werewolf based storylines: (I soooo hated the witches).
5. New characters: I especially can’t wait to see Christopher Meloni’s transition from Law and Order to True Blood…any chance we can see him naked??  I think he definitely has the potential to rank up there with naked Alcide and Eric…just saying.


What did you think of last night first Season 5 episode-? What other things are you looking forward in this season?