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by hmhibbit, November 23, 2015



The Gilded Chain

Surrender, Book #3

By Lauren Smith

ISBN# 9781455532827

Author’s Website:

Brought to you by OBS reviewer Heidi

the-gilded-chain-lauren-smithCallie Taylor is heartbroken learning the man she’s loved her whole life, Fenn Lockwood, is engaged!  All the dreams she’s ever had of him finally noticing her as more than a kid sister type crash and burn and it rips her heart into a million pieces. Wes hates that he had to be the one to deliver the news of Fenn and Hayden’s engagement, he hates being the one that hurt Callie.

But Wes has had a thing for Callie since he first laid eyes on her and is now on a mission to seduce Callie and make her his!  But he has to take it slow and give her time to heal.  He ends up making a bet with her.  He has 30 days to try and seduce her.  If he loses and is unable to get her in his bed he gets her into art school, if she loses he gets one night of pleasure with her, although he’d rather win and have many nights of pleasure instead!

Wes sweeps Callie off to Paris, the city of love and art, to begin his seduction, but is brought back early when several expensive paintings get stolen in Long Island.  Will the short time they’ve had together be enough to secure the win and a future with the beautiful cowgirl?  Or will one look at Fenn undue all he’s done thus far?

I liked this book, but there are a few things about it that kind of annoyed me.  First of all why would a virgin have an IUD?  This is the second book in a row (different authors) that I’ve read that the virgin of the story was already on birth control and I can’t imagine why they’d waste money on something they don’t need.  Also, I hated how she just accepted Wes saying he’s clean and not making him suit up, so to speak.  Good thing this is fiction or it would be an STD waiting to happen!  Another thing that bugged me was Wes stating he’s never brought a woman to his home, but yet has all the toys to play with them including…. a hook that comes down from the ceiling to use for his BDSM fantasies.  Sorry Wes, I just don’t believe you …

Other than those few things I did really enjoy the story, although I found Callie a little too innocent for my liking and definitely too naïve to get with a dom of any caliber.  I think Fenn had every right to get upset over the pairing!

But by the end of the book all my misgivings of this book had faded away because this author can really write a climatic ending.  She never fails to entangle me in a fast-paced conclusion that I just can’t get enough of!

This was a good story, another BDSM lite tale, but I can’t wait for Royce’s story!  I think it has the potential to blow the other three out of the water!  If only it was available now …

*OBS would like to thank the publisher for supplying a free copy of this title in exchange for an honest review*



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