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by hmhibbit, May 14, 2018

The Anatomy of Us

WJM, Book #2

By Amelia LeFay

ISBN# 9781544053820

Author’s Website:

Brought to you by OBS reviewer Heidi

*Beware of possible spoilers*

Max has been working hard to regain the use of his legs so he can go find Jane and Wes and be a family once again.  He didn’t expect it to take over three years though.  He knows they would have stood by him during his recovery, but he didn’t want them to have to take care of him or put up with his moodiness.

Once Max finds Wes he realizes something went terribly wrong, Jane and Wes aren’t together.  And, furthermore, Wes doesn’t want him there.  He sees the lust in Wes’s eyes but he tries to fight the attraction.  But even Wes can’t resist seeing Jane again.  Max finds out that she’s going back to Boston so they catch a flight to go see her.  But neither of them expected what awaited them.  Jane not only had their daughter without them even knowing she was pregnant, but Masley is sick awaiting surgery in the children’s hospital.

Jane is hurt by how quickly she lost Wes and Max and feels they never cared for her more than sex.  Not to mention she’s embarrassed not knowing which one actually fathered Masley.

After spending some time together though, the three quickly regain their connection and have the added bonus of Masley, who they all are in love with!

“When I found out I was a father, after the shock, I figured I’d try to be more fatherly and less of a horndog. When Masley is around it’s like that part of me shuts down, and then the minute she’s out of sight I’m itching to fuck the both of you. To unleash the years of built up frustration on you both. 

Max has changed a lot since his accident.  Now that he doesn’t have to get on camera every day, he no longer worries what the public thinks about him.  He’s happily living out of the closet now and doesn’t care who knows how he feels about Wes and Jane.  He even has his mom trying to accept their unorthodox relationship.

They soon find a story that needs to be told though, a monster disguised as a gentleman that needs to be exposed!  But can their relationship survive being back in the spotlight?

This was another enjoyable read, although I did like the first book, The Anatomy of Jane, better.  This one was still good though.  We got to see more of how much this trio cares and supports each other and of course they have more to love now that they have Masley!  And, there was still plenty of graphic sex to whet your appetite!

I loved seeing how much Max has grown as a person in his time away and how he was so open about his relationship.  Kissing Wes in public was a huge step for him.  I hated how he kept Wes as a dirty secret in the past so it was amazing to see his transformation.

For Jane and Wes who didn’t even want to see Max, they sure forgave him awfully quickly and wasted no time in getting back into his bed!

I also liked seeing the changes in Max’s mother.  She’s not perfect, but you can see she is really trying to be more accepting of her son’s lifestyle.  She was even nice to Wes!

Speaking of Wes, he was the same cocky man I fell in love with in the first book.  He brings a nice bit of humor to the book.

“It’s so hard being handsome, isn’t it?” I mocked him.

He nodded and shrugged. “Sometimes I ask God why, but then I realize someone has to show the world the perfect male specimen. Why not me?”

Sadly, this series is now over.  I could see maybe one more book being squeezed out after the revelation at the end, but alas, it is not to be!  I am definitely interested in reading more from this author though.  I can’t tell you how many times she had me in tears in the beginning and I do love a good emotional read!  She also writes under J.J. McAvoy so I will definitely need to check her other works out!


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