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by Dawn, July 16, 2011


A wolf is chasing Scott in a parking garage. Scott jumps on cars,sets off car alarms and tries to hide. His phone rings and finds out the wolf is Derek. Scott is mad at Derek for doing this..tells Derek he needs him to teach him how to control himself and going through the change. Derek tells Scott to avoid Allison until after the shift. He breaks Scott’s phone.

Scott goes over to Allison’s house to tell him that his phone is broke and they start making out in her room when there is a knock on the door. Scott hides in the closet when Aunt Kate comes in the room..talks to Allison about her history project and tells her a french legend that is tied in with their family. She leaves and Scott tells Allison goodbye and goes out the window…he is then persued by the black wolf. Scott gets to his car and the wolf draws a spiral on Scott’s car door window. Scott asks Derek what it means and at first Derek refuses to tell him anything. All he will tell Scott that it is not good.

Scott goes to school and Stiles isn’t speaking to him. Scott tells him that he talked to Derek about controlling his anger and stuff. Stiles breaks down and talks back to Scott.Scott and Stiles go outside on the playing field and Stiles gives him a heart monitor to wear to control his anger. Stiles throws balls at Scott with a lacrosse racket. Scott starts to get mad and his heartbeat goes up–he finally calms down. Scott tells Stiles that he has to stay away from Allison.

Scott goes to class with Stiles and gets yelled at by the teacher for not reading last night’s assignment. Scott’s heartbeat goes up but finally goes down when Allison holds his hand under her desk. Scott tells Stiles in the hallway that he loves Allison.

Stiles goes outside the school with Scott and keys a guy’s truck in the parking lot. Scott gets punched by a bunch of guys and his heartbeat goes up again..it finally goes down after being caught by a teacher. Stiles and Scott go to detention. Derek goes to the hospital to see his uncle. He asks for his help and his uncle still can’t talk or do any form of communicating. Derek leaves and finds a note on his car.

Scott and Stiles finish detention and Scott is late for work. Derek goes to the animal shelter and questions Scott’s boss. He doesn’t get the answers that he wants and ties him up. Scott gets there and yells at Derek asking him why he is doing this. Scott gets mad and starts to shift into the wolf. They take his boss still tied up in the car to the school. They hope to meet the Alpha wolf by calling him out with a howl by Scott. Scott does a long howl…and Derek tells him to stop. The black wolf comes out of the woods and violently attacks Derek in the parking lot.Scott and Stiles run and barricade themselves in the school.

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