4 star

Suddenly Royal

Suddenly, Book #1

By Nichole Chase

ISBN# 9781483953298

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suddenly-royal-nichole-chaseThe Duchess and Crown Prince of Lilaria have just arrived in town and everyone is making a big deal of their arrival.  So imagine Samantha’s surprise when she’s invited to dinner with them!  She thinks that it’s a dinner to get donations for the bird program she is a part of at her college.  However, her life is turned upside down when the Duchess informs her that she’s from a long lost family of Lilaria and that she’s the Duchess of Rousseau.  They want her to go back to Lilaria and reinstate her title and claim her family’s property and money.  She has some serious thinking to do, and Prince Alex makes it hard for a girl to think when he uses his charms on her.  But she can’t fall for Alex, it would only lead to a very public heartbreak.

I wasn’t sure if I’d like this book or not.  It seemed like a Princess Diaries kind of storyline, a bit cheesy and way to sweet and innocent for the likes of me.  Imagine my surprise when I finished this book smiling like an idiot.  It was a sweet (and enjoyable) read.  I’ll be adding the rest of the series to my ever-growing TBR (To Be Read) list.

I thought Sam was a decent enough lead character.  She didn’t blow me away by any means, but seemed like a down to earth kind of girl.  I’m not sure I would have believed I’m part of some long lost royal line quite as quickly as her though.  I’d probably be a bit skeptical of Alex’s intentions as well, I’m always looking for that ulterior motive, which I really thought he had.

Alex was fun.  He didn’t knock my socks off, but again, he was enjoyable.  And, I loved his beast of an ego.  He is a prince after all, I think it goes with the territory.  I love the friendly banter between Sam and him.

“You mean you prostituted yourself out to the masses? To draw them away? That was sweet.”

Although he seemed just a little too perfect.  He has a passion for birds like Sam has, he’s a great cook, handsome, etc.  There was that whole scandal with his ex, but it was really a non-issue overall and was quickly explained away.  I think with a little more dimension in the characters, I could have liked their romance even more!

“I love you.”

I traced his cheek with my fingers. “Can you tell me again when I’m not on pain medicine?” 

“I’ll tell you every day.” 

“Maybe twice a day?” I felt my eyelids growing heavy.

“A hundred times a day.” 

The secondary characters were entertaining, especially Jess and Bert!  I could see being friends with them myself!  They’d bring a lot of fun to anyone’s life.  And, Chadwick was quite the hoot as well!

This was a decent fun read that isn’t going to make you think too much, but was an enjoyable way to spend a couple of days.

And this song was in my head the entire time I was reading this book, Royals by Lorde.