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by hmhibbit, May 1, 2018

Ropes of Lies

Dirty Liars, Book #1

By Kathy Noumi

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Six years ago Eden had a hot fling with Jameson Winthrop.  Unfortunately, they had to keep their relationship secret because they work for competing companies.  In fact, Jameson is the son of the owner of his company, WSquared.  The couple nearly got caught and Eden ended things with Jameson because of it.  Since then, they’ve had their own competition of sorts stealing clients from each other.

Now Eden is on the verge of getting her dream job.  It all hinges on her winning the auction for the Kaleidoscope building at the charity auction she’s attending and showing her boss how she can develop it into a success!  However, she never expected Jameson to be there with plans of winning the same auction!

Jameson has discovered his father has been making illegal deals and bribes for years now.  The FBI has taken an interest and his dad has framed Jameson for his crimes!  The Kaleidoscope building used to belong to his father, it was used as a bribe!  James needs the documents that come with the deed to the building to prove what his father has been up to and help bring him down once and for all!  But he didn’t expect to see Eden and she’s proving to be quite the distraction!  She’s the one that got away and he wants her back!

This book had a nice sexy cover and it was a second chance romance so I had high expectations.  Unfortunately, the book just didn’t live up to those expectations for me.  I found the flashbacks to be rather distracting.  I think I would have rather the author just showed us everything in the correct order.  The flashbacks combined with the constant advances in time between scenes made this book rather choppy as a whole.  But throughout this entire book, the thing that kept bothering me the most is that it was just really unrealistic.  Eden was scared people would think she was a spy if her company found out about her relationship with Jameson.  I thought that was a rather unlikely conclusion for people to make.  I also found the sex at work to be unbelievable.  And, there is no way they would be able to bust Jameson’s dad for catching him say, “he would” do all those things, it wasn’t really a confession.

It felt like the author was trying to make a Fifty Shades of Grey kind of book with Jameson’s dominating nature and love for ropes, but it fell incredibly short for me.  I really wish I had liked this book.  She sucked me in with the cover and then sadly, let me down.

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