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by Omar, January 25, 2017




Pop Goes the Murder

Popcorn Shop Mystery, Book #2

By Kristi Abbott

ISBN13: 9780425280928

Author website:

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Gourmet popcorn entrepreneur Rebecca Anderson and her poodle, Sprocket, are back on the case, in the second Popcorn Shop Mystery from the author of Kernel of Truth.

Despite Rebecca Anderson’s best efforts to distance herself from her ex-husband, the guy keeps popping up. When Antoine offers to feature her breakfast bars and popcorn fudge on his popular cooking show, she suspects he’s once again trying to butter her up—but the TV exposure for her gourmet popcorn shop, POPS, is too good to turn down.

Things take a shocking turn when the crew comes to Grand Lake to film in her shop, and Rebecca discovers Antoine’s assistant electrocuted in a hotel bathtub. Now the police want Antoine to come clean. Her ex may be a pain, but he’s no killer. So Rebecca decides to bag the real culprit. If she isn’t careful, however, she may be the next one getting burned.


Rebecca Anderson and her wonderful poodle Sprocket are doing pretty well. Her popcorn shop POPS is doing better and better. When her ex-husband famous TV chef and entrepreneur Antoine pushes the idea to feature her shop along with her tasty breakfast bars and popcorn fudge on his cooking show, Rebecca really cannot turn it down. The exposure will really get her name and her product out there and she can use all the help promoting her business she can get. Even if she really does not want anything to do with her overbearing and the huge personality of her ex.

Antoine and his entire crew descend upon Grand Lake and things get crazy. Not only does Rebecca have to deal with his demands and pressing schedule, but now one of his crew ends up dead. Rebecca herself discovers his assistant dead in the hotel tub, electrocuted. Yes, Rebecca never liked Melanie and she was probably the catalyst to the end of her marriage, but she never wanted her dead. Things start to come out that unfortunately shed a bad light on Antoine. What was his assistant up to behind his back, why was he knocking on her door about the time she was murdered. Yes, this was no accident. This was murder and Antoine is the prime suspect.  No way does Rebecca believe he did it and she feels there is nothing else she can do, but find the real killer. Will she be able to do that without becoming the next victim?

I really enjoy the Popcorn Shop Mystery series. I did not think I would, I mean what can you do with a popcorn shop. Thanks to author Kristi Abbott’s fun and entertaining writing style and her ability to come up with new and what are bound to be delicious popcorn related recipes, her series flows, pops, and delights. The characters are enjoyable and continue to become more and more developed. The setting is a pleasure and her mysteries are intriguing. Of course, the addition of a dog always helps me to relate more to any book.

Pop Goes the Murder is the second installment in this wonderful cozy mystery series – Popcorn Shop Mystery and I think it is even better than the first. Rebecca is a wonderful lead character and her investigating is fun and full of intelligence and mystery. I cannot wait to see where the characters go from here. Author Kristi Abbott writes with humor and crafts a tale that keeps you entertained. Laughs, intrigue, food, a dog, a wonderful mystery, seriously what more could you want. Grab a tub of gourmet popcorn, call the dog up and settle back for a great cozy read.

*OBS would like to thank the publisher for supplying a free copy of this title in exchange for an honest review as part of their ongoing blog tour*

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