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by Dawn, December 30, 2010

Normally here at OBS we do fan fiction highlights and mature books. But we where given the opportunity to read over some very talented college students short stories. These aren’t just any short stories though, what would happen if Santa met a vampire? Yes I know Christmas is over, but hey I still want to give these bright students a chance to shine! I’ve selected three stories to highlight, but please go HERE and read the rest of them!

The Tale of Two Immortals: Santa and a Vampire

By Kyra Undercoffer

He had just finished off the tiny, perfect wife. She was deep asleep after too many Christmas Eve drinks; to him socialites only tasted good after a few stiff drinks. Her spoiled brats were tucked away in their beds by their nanny. He then left the massive master bedroom heading for the office. Apparently, the wife had made a fool of herself at the county club’s annual Christmas party, and it induced quite a spectacular fight between her and the husband. Because of the fight and the embarrassing behavior of the wife, the husband had adjourned to the office to drink away his shame.

Just a few feet from the office door and the loudly snoring husband, a strange noise came from downstairs. A person could not have heard the quiet shuffle and thuds from the lower floor, but he could. Curious about the noises, he quietly snuck downstairs to see what was shuffling about at such an hour.

Click HERE to read more of the story


I really wasn’t sure where the author was going to take this piece. But I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. Everything flowed really well, I’ve read short stories in the past that start to add to much detail and it starts to bog the story down, but this was the exact opposite. And the ending was just touching! Bravo to the author!

The Christmas Ghost

By Terra McClellan

For her, it was a Christmas Eve night like any other she’d experienced in her short life. The girl lay, quite awake, under the pile of blankets in her bed. Try as she might, she couldn’t get herself to fall asleep. Her mind was on all matter of things, from the shadows slinking around in her room, to what Santa Claus might or might not be bringing her this Christmas. Her stomach had a fluttery, almost nauseous sort of feeling to it, as it always seemed to have on the night before Christmas.

Christmas morning always took much, much longer to arrive than any other morning. Giving a little sigh, she pushed herself up in her bed. Listening, she could tell that her little sister, ever careless, was sound asleep in her bed. Her quiet snores brought a little peace to her wakeful sister’s mind, and made the shadows, the dark ones all around that seemed to be getting closer to her with each passing second, slow.

Quietly, she slipped from her bed and out of the room. Peeking into the living room, she could tell by the colorful lights of the tree that Santa had already come to their home. Immediate relief and excitement flooded her at the sight of the new gifts, only to be replaced with trepidation a minute later. Did Santa know that she’d snuck out of her bed to see?

The Rest HERE


Awww such a cute story! I really didn’t want it to end, the beginning started off a tab bit slow for my taste. But hey the story was still great! I’m interested in seeing where the author could take this piece in the future.

Now I know this next piece wasn’t done by a student, but I enjoyed it too much not to share with you.

The Vampire’s Christmas

By Leslie Ormandy

The elf tasted good; almost as tasty as the elf sugar cookies my mom used to make me back when I was a child. ¬¬They always had sweet sugar-frosting. I always ate the head first. I smiled at the remembrance and wiped the bits of stray blood off the sides of my mouth. I always had been a bit blood-thirsty. Of course, now it was all about blood; elves could keep their heads.

“Come on Sam,” Troy hissed at me as he finished his own tasty elf treat. “We gotta keep the element of surprise on our side.

I smiled a toothy smile at him as I gave him the hand-gesture that told him to fall in behind me as I moved ahead of him towards the Santa’s Workshop section of the compound. I figured there would be a few elves hanging out around the workshop catching their breath after the long haul leading up to Christmas Eve.

Finish the story HERE


Oh wow! Such a dark Christmas Story, okay it wasn’t like extremely dark. But darker than the others. It’s so funny visualizating Santa with a stake. And the fact that Santa didn’t even care that the vampires where killing, what a spin on the story! Nice work!

Well I hope you enjoyed these Vampy Christmas stories! Don’t forget to read the others listed on the site. Also have written a short story? Come share it with us on the forum!

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