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by Dawn, November 2, 2010

Chapters 23-25 By Angie

Chapter 23 – Malfoy Manor

Just as they are dragged from their tent, Hermione casts a spell concealing Harry’s face by swelling it. Ron wrestles one of the men that puts his hands on Hermione and he is hit in the face. Fenrir Greyback is the leader of the team that have found the trio. They each give false names and aren’t recognized. Harry soon realizes that Dean has also been captured by this group called “Snatchers” that are primarily looking for money and objects of value. Once Greyback decides that none of their names are on the wanted lists he decided to ransom them for money from their parents. At this point one of the other men finds Gryffindor’s sword in the tent and then the other man looks at a photo of Hermione Granger in the Prophet and begins to realize that he actually has Harry Potter. They take the trio plus Dean and Griphook to the Malfoy mansion rather than summon Voldemort to the campsite. During all of this Harry is able to see through Voldemort’s eyes and he knows that Voldemort is questioning someone in a cell. He knows that he is far away. The Figure tells Voldemort that he “never had it.”

At the Malfoy Mansion, Narcissa is reluctant to believe that the swollen figure is Harry. She calls Draco in to identify him but even Draco isn’t willing to say he’s 100% sure that the three people in front of him are his classmates. When Bellatrix comes in she is sure of who it is and Lucius starts to call Voldemort. She stops him when she sees the sword and wants to know how it was removed from her vault in Gringotts. She sends everyone to the basement while she decides what to do about this. She keeps Hermione out.

They find Luna and Ollivander in the cellar, but can hear Hermione’s screams above them as Bellatrix is torturing Hermione asking how she got the sword. In desperation, Harry removes the mirror fragment from his pouch and sees a blue eye looking at him. He tells the eye that they are in the Malfoy’s Basement and they need help. They eye winks and is gone. They hear Hermione tell Bellatrix that the sword is a copy so Harry convinces Griphook to tell Bellatrix that it is a fake. As soon as Griphook is taken from the cellar, Dobby apparates in front of them. After getting over the shock, Harry asks Dobby to take Luna Dean and Ollivander to Bill and Fluer’s house. Draco heard the POP and starts to investigate, but is told to send Wormtail instead. Wormtail starts to choke Harry but harry reminds him that he saved his life once. Wormtail hesitates for just a moment and then the silver hand turns on him he chokes himself to death.

Harry and Ron go upstairs and attack Bellatrix Draco and Greyback. They are stopped and forced to drop their wands. At that moment the chandelier falls on top of Hermione and Griphook and injuring Draco. In all the confusion They are able to gather themselves enough to prepare to apparate. Just as they start to turn, Bellatrix throws a knife. When they land at Bill and Fleur’s Harry realizes that Dobby has a knife protruding from his chest and he dies.

Fenrir Greyback (Snatcher)
Scaboir (Snatcher)
Narcissa Malfoy
Lucius Malfoy
Draco Malfoy
Bellatrix Lestrange
Mr. Ollivander

Hermione’s fast thinking saved the boys again. What do you think about the fact that this mission would have failed at the wedding if it hadn’t been for Hermione?
Could hermione possibly have a gift more than ordinary magic? Precognition, perhaps?
Did Draco hesitate on identifying the trio to help them or to anger his parents?
Were you surprised to find Luna and Ollivander in the cell?
How do you suppose they’ve survived all these months there?
Who do you think is the eye in the mirror?
Did Dobby intentionally take the knife to save Harry or was it just luck?
How will Harry deal with the burden of knowing that yet another person has died in order to keep him alive?

Chapter 24 The Wandmaker

Harry makes sure that all of his friends are safe and then tells Bill that he wants to dig Dobby’s grave manually, not with magic. Bill shows him where he can bury Dobby and he starts to dig. Once he’s done, they perform a burial ceremony where Luna speaks. Harry, Ron, & Dean each provided an article of clothing for Dobby before Harry placed him in the grave. He couldn’t help think that Dobby deserved as grand a funeral as Dumbledore since he had given his life in rescuing them.
Harry tells Bill that he needs to talk to Ollivander and Griphook privately. He must decide who to talk to first. Horcruxes or Hallows?
He decides to talk to Griphook first about breaking into the Lestrange vault at Gringotts to find the Horcruxes. They then go to Ollivander’s room and ask him to identify the wands. He is able to do so quite easily and then he tells them that if they obtain a wand through a duel that wand is more likely to respond well to them. Harry lets Ollivander know that he know about the Elder wand and that he knows Voldemort wants it. Ollivander confirms this. Harry then asks Ollivander about the Deathly Hallows and believes him when he says he knows nothing about it. Harry explains what he has figured out about what Voldemort is doing and is able to understand that if Dumbledore had wanted him to find the Hallows that he would have given him the Elder wand that was in his possession at his death. Harry concludes that his task is to find and destroy the Horcruxes.

While he is discussing this, Voldemort is at Hogwarts. He breaks open Dumbledore’s tomb and takes the Elder wand from his hands.

Mr. Ollivander
Dobby (in body only)
Voldemort (through Harry’s visions only)

What did you think about the boys giving the gift of clothing to Dobby?
Did Harry make the right decision to talk to Griphook first and allow Voldemort the time to steal Dumbledore’s wand?
Did you expect Ollivander to be able to repair Harry’s wand?
How do you think Harry felt about the loss of this extension of himself?


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