Camelot to premiere after Spartacus

Damn, I don’t have Starz but I really wanna watch Camelot. Falling Skies releases 3 short clips.

I am really excited to see what Steven Spielberg brings to the table with this series. What do you think of the clips? It looks seriously creepy. Game of Thrones teaser.

Woot! I do have HBO lol.
What did you think of the teaser? Game of Thrones looks great, it’s already on my must see list. Do you intend to watch the series? How can V be saved?

Do you agree with what is said about V? How do you think it can be saved? Keifer Sutherland in supernatural show Touch

Touch sounds interesting but I need to know more about it. What do you think of Touch and casting Keifer Sutherland as the dad? Is he the right choice for the part?