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by Caro, May 9, 2014

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Who: Penguin Books

What: OBS is back this week with another cozy mystery giveaway, where we’ll be choosing one lucky reader for the opportunity to win a print copy edition of Murder in Merino by author Sally Goldenbaum! All you have to do is click on one of the options or on everyone of them for more possibilities to win!!

When: This giveaway will be running between May 9th through May 19thGiveaway ends at at midnight eastern time.



About Murder in Merino:

It’s autumn in Sea Harbor, and as the tourists leave, a mysterious guest arrives. When she’s implicated in a crime, the Seaside Knitters must quickly table their knitting project and search out a motif for murder.

Fall is usually a relaxing time in Sea Harbor, but it’s turning out to be a busy season for Izzy Chambers Perry. Not only is she helping the Seaside Knitters make a magnificent throw to celebrate the fortieth wedding anniversary of her aunt and uncle, but she and her husband are finally selling the cottage she lived in before she got married and had a darling baby girl. To Izzy’s surprise, newcomer Julia Ainsley seems determined to buy the home—although she’s never set foot inside.

But on the day of the open house, things take a dark turn. A body is uncovered in the cottage’s backyard. When the police find Julia’s name and phone number in the victim’s pocket, this slender thread of evidence makes her a person of interest. Soon the spotlight of suspicion widens to include old friends and town leaders as a tragic happening, long buried in the sleepy seaside town, is slowly brought to the surface.

Before the joyful anniversary celebration can be realized, the Seaside Knitters must work to unravel the real reason Julia Ainsley has come to their town—and the tangled and troubled ties from the past that bind friends and townsfolk together.


About author Sally Goldenbaum:

Life…..It’s been a meandering, interesting journey that began in Manitowoc, WI, a town on the shores of Lake Michigan. There my father built ships, my mother stayed home, and my sisters, brother and I lived an easy small-town life. After high school, I moved to St. Louis (college); then Bloomington, IN (graduate school); and several other places along the way. Jobs included working in public television—with Mr. Rogers and his neighborhood just down the hall; teaching Latin, creative writing, and philosophy;  and very early along that journey, living in St. Louis as a Catholic nun. A checkered past, of sorts.

After marrying a nice Jewish man whom I met in graduate school (my mother always said she had named me Sarah for a reason), a job brought us to a small town (Prairie Village), attached to a big city (Kansas City) and the home we still live in.

And it was here that my writing life took root.

The seeds to writing a novel—-or rather ‘finishing’ a novel—were planted in a sandbox in a park, not far from our Prairie Village home. It was there I met another newcomer to the area, Adrienne Staff, a woman who would become a life-long friend. While our children played together in the sand that day, I learned that not only was Adrienne as hungry for friendship as I was, but both of us loved to read and write and had drawers filled with unfinished novels. In no time at all we decided that perhaps the key to finishing a novel (at least, in our case) was to write a book together. A match made in heaven–a nice Jewish girl from New York and an ex-nun–certainly a pair with diverse experiences to spare! We’d hold one another to the task and we would complete a book and rid ourselves of the awful unfinished novel curse.

  • For more information about the author and her books visit her at her Official Website here.
  • Read our review for Murder in Merino here at OBS.


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