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by Dawn, May 7, 2010

Why Predators is the sequel we’ve been dying for

by Jeff Otto at Sci Fi Wire

Deep in the jungles of Austin, Texas, the Predators are readying for the hunt. Yes, I said Texas. When Predators hits screens this summer, few audience members will ever guess that the bulk of the film was shot in Texas, and during winter to boot.

Predators picks up where the original movie left off, as if Predators 2 and the Alien vs. Predator films never happened. Although the project is very close to Rodriguez’s heart, he is serving in more of an overseer role as producer. He hands off the directorial reins to Nimrod Antal, a strong vote of confidence for the young director, especially considering the scope of Predators, the largest undertaking yet for Troublemaker.

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Is Matthew Vaughn The Right Director For ‘X-Men: First Class’?

by Rick Marshall at MTV News
News broke this morning that Matthew Vaughn would direct “X-Men: First Class,” the upcoming film that takes Professor X and his mutant students back to their early days. But is the “Kick-Ass” director the right filmmaker for the job?

No stranger to high-action projects and colorful characters, Vaughn made a name for himself with films like “Layer Cake,” which helped Daniel Craig land the role of James Bond; “Stardust,” a fantastic adventure based on a novel by Neil Gaiman; and “Kick-Ass,” a live-action adaptation of Mark Millar’s ultraviolent comic book series.

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Secrets Of Iron Man’s New Suits

By Meredith Woerner at io9
Shane Mahan, head honcho at Stan Winston’s studio, filled us in with all the new details about Iron Man 2‘s new army of menaces, and Tony’s new armor. Plus find out why no one could actually “be” Iron Man.

So can you fill us in on Iron Man’s suit, what’s are his stats? I read that in theory, it was supposed to weigh 600 pounds. How has that changed?

The trick to these kinds of things is, you have to present it in a way that feels the part, when actually it’s quite light. The suit has to feel like it’s being made out of metal. The height of the suit is 6 foot 5, and 600 to 800 pounds has always been the number that we kicked around with the design team.

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Godzilla’s New Design?

by Peter Sciretta at Slash Film
Earlier this year it was announced that Legendary Pictures, the company behind 300 and The Dark Knight, was developing a new American remake of Godzilla with producers Dan Lin, Roy Lee and Brian Rogers. A director has yet to be announced, but I’ve heard that they are looking for a darker/more realistic take on the property. Could this be it?

Twitch has discovered a couple photos on Flick of a design model for Godzilla. Could this be the creature’s new look for the new American Remake? The author WoGzilla left the following accompanying comment with one of the images:

“great detail 🙂 I was told by a good friend in the movie biz. that this was one of the design’s they were considering for the new 3D Godzila….! if you have new info on this movie, i would like to post it . thanks :)”

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Planets of the Apes Prequel Rise of the Apes Announced for Summer 2011

by Peter Sciretta at Slash Film
20th Century Fox has announced a June 24th 2011 release date for the Planet of the Apes prequel Rise of the Apes. The Escapist helmer Rupert Wyatt will direct from a screenplay by Amanda Silver and Rick Jaffa.

Fox has released the official plot synopsis:

RISE OF THE APES (tentative title) is an origin story in the truest sense of the term. Set in present day San Francisco, the film is a reality-based cautionary tale, a science fiction/science fact blend, where man’s own experiments with genetic engineering lead to the development of intelligence in apes and the onset of a war for supremacy.

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Watch The Trailer For J.J. Abrams’ Mysterious New Movie

By Meredith Woerner at io9

No, it’s not a prequel to Cloverfield, as many suspected. The trailer for Super 8, which premiered before Iron Man 2, is a wholly original Steven Spielberg-J.J. Abrams collaboration. Here’s the new trailer.

We’ve been DYING for an intelligent Area 51 movie, and who better to work on on an alien picture other than genre overlords Spielberg and Abrams?

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Why don’t Bollywood sci-fi movies work at box office?

By Abhishek Kaul, IANS

“Rudraksh”, “Alag”, “Love Story 2050″ and “Prince” – all belong to the sci-fi genre, but the other common factor linking these movies is they were duds at the box office.

Trikha feels the movie flopped because the audiences failed to understand the concept.

“Star cast plays a vital role in determining the fate of any movie. Sometimes the cast overcomes a story rather than the concept of the movie; that is what happened with ‘Alag’. Also, many among the audience fail to understand the science involved in it. If ‘Alag’ had got a global market, it surely would have done well,” he said.

The phenomenal success of James Cameron’s Oscar winning 3D sci-fi epic “Avatar” has reportedly compelled Rakesh Roshan to defer a sequel to “Krrish” due to the lack of technological logistics here.

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I never thought about Sci Fi in other countries. I know it does well enough (more so this year) in the States and Canada, and I know Stak Trek has a huge fan base in Germany. In the Super 8 article, the author mentions “friends” that tried to help whatever is inside escape, but I assumed it was someone trying to either expose the cover up or completely destroy whatever was inside. I’m not sure how I feel about another Godzilla movie, although that statue does look awesome.

Does anyone know anywhere else where Sci Fi is either huge or non-existent? Will you go see Super 8?

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