Marilyn Yu
Relations That Suck: The Story of Eva and Dries

Review brought to you by OBS Staff member Katie

The Story of Eva and Dries is a fable about friendship and destiny. Eva is a creative vampire who likes people and Dries is a traveling spider; their story portrays denial and guilt.

This beautiful story takes being a coffee table book to a whole new level.

The photographs are absolutely fantastic. Marilyn Yu really knows how to creature a wonderful picture by using the right setting, lighting, make up artists and costumes.

I found myself studying the pictures for a long time, looking at every single detail in awe.

But let’s not forget the beautiful story she wrote. It is a short and simple story between two ‘people’ who have their own struggles. Who would have thought a vampire and a spider would become friends?   Of course I also have to mention how well the pictures and the story go together.  Brilliant job by Marilyn Yu!

This has promise to be a real conversation starter.