Live and Let Fly

Kite Shop Mystery, Book #2

By Clover Tate

ISBN13: 9780425283554

Author website: angelamsanders(.)com


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Kite shop owner Emmy Adler becomes the prime suspect in a murder investigation that could send her dreams crashing to the ground…

With summer drawing to a close in Rock Point, Oregon, Emmy Adler hopes to beat the seasonal drop in business by winning the annual kite festival. What better way to garner publicity for the handmade kites sold in her shop, Strings Attached? In the days leading up to the festival, Emmy’s ambitions are soaring. Even an argument with reality TV star and contest judge Jasmine Normand can’t bring her down. But when Jasmine is found dead the morning after their altercation, Emmy’s no longer flying high.

When the police open an investigation into Jasmine’s death and deem it a murder, Emmy falls under suspicion. With a national tabloid reporter convinced that she is guilty and business at her shop at a standstill, Emmy has to trade kite making for crime solving–or find all of her ambitions blown off course.


Live and Let Fly is the second installment in author Clover Tate’s “Kite Shop Mystery” series. The characters are more developed than the first one which is usually the case. I already really liked them from reading that one, so now they are becoming more like friends, lol. Strings Attached owner Emmy Adler is feeling more comfortable as her shop has been doing well. Unfortunately summer is almost over and as it goes so do the seasonal customers. She has been trying to figure out a way to make it through the winter months and the annual kite festival of Rock Point, Oregon may just be the ticket. What a way to get an in with the contest when Emmy gets into a verbal fight with the judge. Not a good move for sure.

Reality star Jasmine Normand is the judge of the important kite festival and now Emmy has gotten off on the wrong foot. Just when she thought she had the perfect handmade kite. Well, she did have if it didn’t keep getting ruined by her sister who by the way I would have hurt badly. Unfortunately that silly argument has put Emmy in the crosshairs as the prime suspect. Could she have seen something that could help the police find the real culprit? She will have to work twice as hard to not only get a winning kite made, but also prove her own innocence.

There are several things about this read (and the series) that really appeal to me. One, I love the setting. Rock Point sounds amazing, the author is able to transport me right there with her enjoyable writing style. Also, I enjoy the characters. It is a slower than normal pull for me and maybe that is because I know nothing about kites or sewing. As this installment progresses, however, I was pulled into the characters, their relationships and their lives more and more. I will truly enjoy spending more time with them soon. The mystery is entertaining and mixed with the day to day lives of the characters, it worked for me.

Live and Let Fly was a fun read and a good follow up to the first in this series. I think it can easily be read as a standalone. The characters are developed and I will enjoy seeing their continued growth in the next book. This cozy has a wonderful setting, a good mystery and entertaining characters. Emmy is a intelligent and very human protagonist. She has her problems, her quirks and her issues just like the rest of us. That makes her very likable to me. I really enjoyed this read. Thanks to author Clover Tate’s descriptive writing style I was able to visualize all the art involved in the kite making, the town and the houses. Next time someone tells you to go fly a kite, pick this read up and settle in for some cozy fun.

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