What’s new in TV new today? We might not have Vampire Diaries new episodes but lots of news!

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From what we saw in this last episode (until the new ones get here in January), there wasn’t much of a cliffhanger than last time, with (spoiler) Elena and her car crash. In the final scenes we saw Elena and Stefan back together and Damon and Rose discovering that wolf bites aren’t that bad, or are they? In my opinion, it was a smaller cliffhanger this time. But with all these new information about Damon, I just can’t help getting excited of seeing more of Damon’s life. Know that I think about it it had never crossed my mind about his room. I thought he slept in a couch on the living room or something 😀

What did you think of all these Vampire Diaries interviews? Did you notice that Damon’s crow never came back? Did you see the 80’s sci-fi TV shows? Which were you favorite?

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