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by hmhibbit, June 8, 2014


4 star rating
Her Only Desire
Sultry Summer Nights, Book #1
By Delilah Devlin
ISBN: 9781455546497
Author’s Website:

Brought to you by OBS reviewer Marianthi

her-only-desire-sultry-summer-nights-delilah-devlinEveryone has secrets. Some secrets are innocent, some are hurtful, and some are deadly.  But what happens when a 15 year old secret is brought out in to the light, spilling it’s tale of sex, lies, and murder? You get Ms. Devlin’s story is what happens.

Clotille Floret came back to Bayou Vert in order to take care of her mentally challenged older brother after the death of her mother.  She takes what job she can get, waitressing in a café for an old family friend.  She needs to get enough money so she can bring her brother back from the group home he currently resides in. Clotille, or Tilly, was a successful hotel/hospitality employee in her city life and is reduced to wearing Daisy Dukes at her job just to scrape by.  Let’s just say her morale was at an all-time low.

Enter the hero. Boone Benoit was at the heart of the scandal that tore the town apart fifteen years earlier, a scandal that directly affected Tilly and her family.  He has returned home to get the answers he needs and to clear his name.  He has arrived home as an über successful security expert.  His goal is to finally get justice.  He posts a wanted ad for a “hospitality manager” and Tilly sees an opportunity to bring her brother home and uncover the truth about her cousin’s murder. Boone hires her, but not as the hospitality manager. He hires her as an assistant. Now cue the love story.

What I liked about this story is exactly that. It has a story. It is a highly erotic story with a plot that doesn’t invoke cheesy porn images of a housewife and a repair man.  It in fact, should I dare say, has a plot. GASP! Yes, a real plot, and actually a good one.  The BDSM element of the story is woven around and though the plot.   It is what the hero and the heroine are. He becomes her Master, and she becomes his beloved Sub.  Ms. Devlin makes sure that sex is part of the story, but not all of it.

What I didn’t care for was the actual BDSM sex itself.  Though written tastefully (as tasteful as you can when taking about floggers, ball gags, and anal plugs), I am not a member of the BDSM fan club and some scenes were uncomfortable for me.  Was it enough to lose interest in the story?  No, but I will admit that I had to make sure my kids didn’t read any over my shoulder as I was reading.  I really don’t want to explain the “Thank you Sir, may I have another?” aspect to my kids just yet.  Therefore, this is most definitely an adult read and should be treated as such.

Why 4 stars and not 5?  It has all the makings of a 5 star read, but for one fact- the ending.  The ending was rushed and completed in such a way that I felt slightly disappointed.  If I could have the author do anything, it would be to extend the ending just a bit. Over all, a sexy, satisfying read but could do with a little staying power at the end, just borrow some from the hero ;).

*OBS would like to thank the publisher for supplying a free copy of this title in exchange for an honest review*

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