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by hmhibbit, August 27, 2013

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Halloween Swag Giveaway!

Who: Open Book Society & Scentsual Addictions have teamed up for this spookarific giveaway!

What: A Hardback edition of Kim Harrison’s Into the Woods and the Scentsy Warmer of the Month for September, Creepy Crawly.

When: The Giveaway will run Through Sept 30th!

You Must HAVE a UNITED STATES address to be eligible!

Into The Woods: Tales from the Hollows and Beyond by Kim Harrison


Enter the Woods…If You Dare

For centuries, the woods have been a pivotal part of the wonder and danger of fairy tales, for once you enter anything can happen. Elves, druids, fairies – who knows what you will find once you dare step into the forest?

And now, New York Times bestselling author Kim Harrison ventures into these mysterious, hidden lands of magic and mystery in her first short-story collection. Into the Woods brings together an enchanting mix of brand-new, never-before-published stories and tales from Harrison’s beloved, bestselling Hollows series.

The tales her include an original Hollows novella, Million-Dollar Baby, about Trent Kalamack’s secret elven quest in Pale Demon; two original short stories, “Pet Shop Boys” and “Temson Woods,” that explore just what happens when humanity and the supernatural collide; and two novelettes, “Spider Silk” and “Grace,” set in new worlds of imagination and adventure. Into the Woods also contains all of the previously published Hollows short stories – together in one volume for the very first time.

Step into the woods and discover the magic for yourself. Original.

The Hollows
The Bespelled
Two Ghosts for Sister Rachel
Undead in the Garden of Good and Evil
Dirty Magic
The Bridges of Eden Park
Ley Line Drifter
Million Dollar Baby

Beyond the Hollows
Pet Shop Boys
Temson Estates
Spider Silk

Creepy Crawley Warmer from Scentsy (Sept Warmer of the Month)


Get the heebie jeebies with Creepy Crawly! A giant spider ambles up a ghostly white web, reflected against a glossy midnight background. – See more at:



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