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by hmhibbit, March 24, 2014



2 star rating
Forbidden Highlander
Dark Sword, Book #2
By Donna Grant
ISBN#  9780312381233
Author’s Website:

Brought to you by OBS reviewer Heidi

*Beware of Spoilers*

forbidden-highlander-dark-sword-donna-grantFallon McLeod has been living in the bottom of the many bottles of wine he can get his hands on ever since the massacre of his clan, a clan that he was in line to lead.  But now that his brother’s wife, Cara has come to stay with them, he has cleaned his act up.  He’s putting the wine aside and trying to do the job he was meant to.  Warriors and Druids alike are coming to them to aid in the fight against Deidre.  The castle is filled with people once again, making a new kind of family.

But Fallon and Lucan are still plagued with the fact that Deidre has their brother Quinn in her clutches once again.  They must devise a plan to rescue him that doesn’t end up with their own capture.

And, when Fallon goes to request an audience with the king, he stumbles upon the beautiful Larena and neither of them can deny the attraction between them.  And, when he discovers what she is, he immediately decides to bring her back to McLeod castle and offer his full protection.  But will he fail her as he has his brother?

I really enjoy Donna Grant’s writing, but I found this book to be quite disappointing.  The romance did not seem to leap off the pages as most of hers normally do.  It was just kind of there, no real spark for me.  I think it took too long for this couple to get past their own fears and learn to trust one another.  And, so much of the stalemate between them could have been solved if they’d only have talked to one another about what was bothering them!

There were some action scenes in this book, but again I found them to be dull.  The same ole same ole with them fighting the ugly wyrran and a few Warriors mixed in.

Another thing that bothered me was the lack of a resolution in this book.  I felt the main problem to solve was rescuing Quinn, and it never happened.  I assume it will in the next book, but I would have liked something to have been fixed in this one.  And, I also struggle with accepting that Fallon could stop and get married while his brother is being held captive by someone they consider pure evil.

I’m sure this book was just a fluke and the next one will be back to the standard that I expect from Grant, at least I hope so!

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