Dead Until Dark by Charlaine Harris
Chapter 8
Written by Rose
Edited by Krystal

The threat of almost losing Bill brought Sookie and him closer as they settled into an uneasy routine. If Sookie worked late she would go to Bill’s afterwards, but if she worked days he would come to her house at dark and they would enjoy watching movies together. The routine was uneasy because it seemed they were waiting for something to happen. Their hopes were that the burning of the Monroe vampires was enough to quench the townsfolk, but the Maudette, Dawn and Gran’s killer was still at large. Autopsy reports finally proved that both Maudette and Dawn had all their blood at death, the vampire bites were old, and they died by strangulation. There was also the fact that both had sex before they were strangled, and afterwards.

Memorable Quotes:

Jason: “Movies,” he mumbled.
Sookie: I bent closer to be sure I’d heard him right. “Movies?” I said, incredulously.
Jason: “Shhh,” he hissed, looking guilty as hell. “We made movies.” (Page 187)

Arlene: ”Sookie,” she began helplessly, “honey, I love you. But you can’t understand, you’re not a mother. I can’t leave my kids with a vampire. I just can’t.” (Page 189)

Sookie: “What is he, the Godfather of vampires?” I asked, angry and incredulous. “Did he give you an offer you couldn’t refuse?” (Page 193)

Bill: “Would you prefer neck, wrist, groin?”
Sookie: “Not groin,” I said hastily. “I don’t know, Bill. Yuck. Whichever.”
Bill: “Neck,” he said. “Lie on top of me, Sookie.”
Sookie: “That’s like sex.”
Bill: “It’s the easiest way.” (Page 196)

Questions for discussion:

Were you surprised that Jason asked Sookie for help after their fight over Uncle Bartlett?

Now that it’s proven Dawn and Maudette’s was strangulation, who do you think murdered them?

What do you think about Arlene’s reaction to Bill being with Sookie while babysitting her kids?

What do you think is the meaning behind the oak tree Sookie wishes to plant? Was it just a snap decision out of anger or is there more to it?

What was your favorite scene or quote from this chapter?

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