Dark Swan Storm Born Issue #3

The 3rd installment begins as Eugenie plans to cross over to the Otherworld to find the missing girl Jasmine. Eugenie asks for help from the spirits bound to her; they suggest she go to King Dorian for help.

The story follows them through being captured by King Dorian and making a deal with him. Dorian provides them with a guide and they attack Aeson who is holding Jasmine prisoner.


I love Volusian!!! He is gross and creepy but really funny. His snarky comments cracked me up. He never stops looking for a way to kill Eugenie but at least he’s consistent. Love the insults between he and Eugenie!

Nandi and Finn look great. I’m impressed at how well they turned out.

Dorian’s palace is just gorgeous and he’s not too bad on the eyes either. I like the drawings of the Otherworld.

Eugenie learns she was marked by Kiyo, to keep track of her. She’s pissed! I can’t wait to see her kick his ass for that!

It ended with a cliffhanger, I can’t wait to read the next one. I am really enjoying this series being made into comic/graphic novels – each one is better than the last.