Zachary Quinto, Michael McMillian bring story of magic and espionage to comics


Arthurian magic meets covert espionage in “Lucid,” the first comic book series produced by Archaia in conjunction with Zachary Quinto’s Before the Door media production company.

“Lucid” is written by Michael McMillian and drawn by Anna Wieszczyk. McMillian is perhaps best-known for playing Steve Newlin on the HBO series “True Blood.”

McMillian described “Lucid” as a “high-culture pop fantasy” in a recent conference call promoting the series.

“I grew up loving shows like the ‘X-Files’ and digging conspiracy theory and that kind of stuff,” McMillian said. “So, when Before the Door approached me that they wanted to do some comic books, I came in with this idea of a character who would have access to higher levels of consciousness, magic, and who was working for the government.”


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