If The Picture of Dorian Gray took place in the future, it would be about cosmic vampires

Source: io9.com

Dark Horse Comics has provided us with a sneak peek from an upcoming hardcover edition of their Creepy anthologies. In “Dorian Gray 2001,” Oscar Wilde’s classic gets a totally gonzo space vampire overhaul.

Here’s the solicit info for Creepy Volume 9, which hits stores February 23


Hot Buttons: What Happened to SOCIAL COMMENTARY in Comics?

Source: newsarama.com

Comic books were once filled with social commentary. From heroes like Superman and Captain America fighting Nazis, to the stories of crime and political war, early comic books didn’t back down from the social conflicts of their time.

Much of that changed in 1954, when the comics industry had to tone down its messages in response to a public outcry about too much sex and violence. The Comics Code Authority was created, with stringent rules that prevented publishers from approaching issues of drug use, crime, sex or violence.

Yet, as Newsarama has reported, the strict requirements of the Comics Code Authority are no more. So where is all the social commentary in superhero comics that one would expect from this new freedom?


I have to admit, part of the reason I adore comic books is because of the different slant, and sometimes really interesting social commentary they do make. A friend in the states is forever sending me comics, selling them to me by saying “Hey, guess what? Superman’s tackling suicide/ child abuse! “, because he knows that I’m going to take complete interest in EXACTLY how it is ‘tackled’, whether I agree with it or not.

What do you think? Do you like social commentary in your comics, or would you rather it just be about kick ass moves and ass whuppin’? (which is totally awesome, too!)

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