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WELCOME to Harry Potter and the case of the teenage angst.

The popular fantasy series is being used in a book designed to help teenagers deal with emotions such as anger, depression and grief.

Cairns-based psychologist Dr Julie-Anne Sykley has launched the book Harry Potter Power, which uses motifs and characters from British author J. K. Rowling’s series to help teenagers develop resilience.

Ms Sykley said she had been working on the book for 10 years to help young people feel happier, healthier and more powerful.

“I found there was a lot of special hidden material in the (Harry Potter) books and lots of empowering psychological messages that could help people,” she said.

“I sense young people really need some help and guidance to boost their resilience and help them make positive and empowering choices in their life.”



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Orbit is delighted, excited and not a little proud to announce the development of the world’s first 100% biodegradable ebook. As you all know (Bob), the problem with the current crop of ebooks is that the electrons that make up the work have a carbon cost. Certainly, the environmental impact of ebooks is much lower than for traditional publishing, but it is a finite and measurable amount.

Not anymore! Orbit’s proprietary new ‘Brigadoon’ e-formatting allows for a 100% carbon-free reading experience. By exposing the ebook file to a short burst of Cherenkov Radiation upon delivery, the electrons composing the file actually decay into lower-energy electrons and tachyons after the first reading. The new, low-powered electrons return to the environment at a net carbon cost of practically zero, while the tachyons, as is their nature, travel backwards in time to replace the ebook file that has just disappeared during the decay of the electrons that formed it.


I have a huge, huge interest in mental health and psychology and counselling – for FAR too many reasons to count – especially the mental health of teenagers. When I saw that article I’ll admit I let out a happy squeal (and it moved to a shriek when I saw that it was an Australian news paper LOL). I love the idea of using a medium such as books, and a genre such as sci-fi fantasy to make counselling less confrontational. Give people characters they love and identify with , and externalise the issue – and i think you’ve got a winner there. I COULD GEEK OUT SO MUCH MORE ON THIS.

And YAY, better for the environment e-books! That’s always a plus.

So – enough about me – what did you think of today’s book news? Do you think it’s a good idea to incorporate books/characters into counselling – or do you think it’s too intrusive? Do you have an e-book?

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