New ‘True Blood’ Comic Series On the Way via The Flick Cast

Hey, almost in time for Valentine’s Day! Will you read these while you wait for the new season to start?

Potter plagiarism case dismissed in U.S., on in UK via Reuters

I’m glad it was thrown out here, the case always seemed ridiculous. Hopefully the British courts do the same.

Hugo 2011 Nominations Are Open: How You Can Vote via Tor

Is there a book you want to nominate? Do the Hugo Awards influence your reading?

Dark Materials: Reflecting on Dystopian Themes in Young Adult Literature via The New York Times

I wish we had been allowed to read contemporary books in school. I think the newest YA books we ever read were from the early 70’s. It seemed like the older we got, the older the books got. Don’t get me wrong, Classic are called that for a reason, but making teenagers read books older than their parents doesn’t exactly foster a love for reading. What was the best book you had to read for school?

“Vampire Ascending” by Lorelei Bell – Addressing Chicago’s Struggle With Vampires via PR Web

Some of the vampire mythology sounds different here. What do you think?

Cornelius Medvei’s top 10 talking animals in literature via The Guardian

I never really thought of adult books with talking animals before, but the more I think about it, the more common it seems (Animal Farm, Watership Down). I may check out Tobermory, it sound funny.

What did you think of our book links today?